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MG MGF Technical - Headlamp convertors

I am taking the F over the channel to France this weekend to enjoy the pleasures of the driving habits of our Gallic cousins.

Have picked-up the headlamp beam convertors off the ultimate MGF site (although had trouble printing-out the pdf and used the gif format instead).

However, I have been into Halfords and they sell a beam convertor pack, which has a pattern for the F which is different to the website's.

Does the Halford's pattern work (basically less detailed)?

I used these back in June. Followed the indtructions completely to the letter.

Seemed to work. Didn't get anyone flashing me (not even in tunnels), didn't seem to cut down the light from them as much as the huge web site masks and best of all, if stopped by the old bill they can see that you have fitted deflectors. I also carried the instructions and packaging in the glove box for "proof" just in case there were any problems with the law, but fortunately all was ok.

They come off pretty easily afterwards too.

My opinion, go for it
Billy Bob

You can get triangular deflectors too, which I guess are sufficient to convince 'the law'

The deflectors on the ultimate MG site are from patterns made from the 'official' beam converters - and I agree, they make using the lights after dark almost useless!
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 21/08/2002

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