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MG MGF Technical - headlight bulbs

Hey guys,

my head is hurting at the moment!!!!

I have just bought 2 pairs of head light bulbs for my main/full and low/dip. I have selected Rover MGF and it told me i needed H7 for low/dip and H1 for main/full. So naturally i bought 2 of each to fully fit my MGF with new bulbs (osrams)

now to the confusing bit!

I put in the 2 H1 to replace my main beam bulbs (great! it worked)

then I opened up my low beam bulbs to change them and there were 2 H1 in there as well, and there was no way the 2 H7 i had just bought were going to fit in the whole/frame i am i need 2 H1 for the low/dip lights as well as the 2 H1 for the main/full?

Everywhere I look (including the handbook) say H7 for the low/dip but there is no way that these large round bulbs are going to fit in too the narrow hole the H1's are currently in.

any help would be most appreciated because after a harddays work my head isnt working too great!

thanks guys.

Rob T

Hi RobT - I'm sure a more knowledgeable person will be along soon, but my contribution (MY2001 1.8i)- the handbook doesn't state whether the bulbs are H1 or H7, but the diagram does show them both as being H1. It lists the part numbers as:
headlight dip GLB 499 and main GLB 448.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Bill.
wjf farnsworth

This has been raised a few times before. Seems that MGR used both combination of bulbs. To be sure you need to check what your car uses before you buy. Mine is a 2001 F and it uses H1 and H7
David Clelland

I agree with what David says - various combination of bulbs have been reported - to such an extent that it is genuinely confusing. Perhaps Dieter knows whether the bulb combination has any basis in VIN related numbers?
Rob Bell

My 1988 1.8i also has H1 in both main and dipped beam.
Steve Ratledge

Mine is 2001 and uses H1's for both and if you took out H1's put H1's back in!!
Blue Pocket Rocket

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