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MG MGF Technical - headlight bulbs

In torrential rain last october i found that my headlights were next to useless. I therefore bought some halogen bulbs from halfords and tried those yesterday. Still pretty rubbish when compared with other cars. Can anyone recommend some decent bulbs? Or is a problem with the car itself?
marc hanson

The lenses and reflector go milky over time. Someone here found someone who could spray them silver again, but I don't remember who....
Will Munns

.... but there is a load in the archive ....

Yes, it's a problem with the car.

HEat fro mthe bulbs oxydises the silver coating of the reflector bowl making it go opaque. The escaping gases from the bowls condense on the inside of the lens making it go misty.

Higher power bulbs generally = more heat output, this will exacerbate the problem.

The only permanent cure is to dismantle the headlamps and have the inner reflector bowls re-silvered and then sealed. Whilst the lamp unit is in pieces you can also clean the inner surface of the lens (the surface deposits will come off quite easily). You can also simply repalce the headlamp clusters with new, but these will suffer the same fate over time (how long are you keeping the car for? In other words, will the problem be someone elses' if you simply replace the clusters?)

Rob Bell has managed to source a company that can re-silver the bowls.

Scarlet Fever

I am trying to source new headlights for my F - but they have to be European spec. for LHD cars. Has anyone heard of a good supplier, or even better know anyone who might have such a part for sale?
Pete Bell


Start by checking with and if I can find my other favourite I shall come back here

Marc, I refurbished the headlamps on my car by cleaning the lenses and getting the reflector bowls rechromed - more info here:
Rob Bell

FAO Pete Bell.
I have a pair of LHD MY2000 Headlights in the attic. 12 Months use only. Available for a 50% RRP Donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

I have Philips Vision Plus fitted. No extra heat but a distinct improvment.
Steve Ratledge

yes i was aware of the milky bowl problem (!)but that probably doesnt apply to me as I had a new light cluster fitted on the drivers side 6 months ago and its just as bad as the other side. Rob, I'll inspect your headlights at the next event we do together if thats ok.

marc hanson

No worries Marc :o)
Rob Bell

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