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MG MGF Technical - Headlight Bulbs


I just bought a new set of bulbs for my mgf headlights from Using their tool to see what you need, it says H1 for dipped and 501 for side lights...which has worked fine. But for main beam it says H7 which are:

However these bubls have 2 connectors not 1 (as my current mainbeam bulb does) and won't even nearly fit through gap.

Is this right or have I got non-standard headlights? Looking at the existing mainbeam bulbs they seem exactly the same as the dipped ones....just not behind that plastic difuser thingy.

Any ideas?


Dan Wavell


Yep - Main and dipped beam bulbs are both H1.

I think cars had the H1/H7 combination, hence the confusion.


Sam Murray

In 2001, I bought an MGR Spare Bulb Kit which had an H1 and an H7 however both bubs on the car are H1.
Your alternatives are.
Original H1 448,
H1 Xenon 448X
or H1 XenonPlus 448XPS

Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Thanks guys, have contacted AceParts and they are now sending out 2 H1 bulbs as well...didn't even mention sending back the H7's!

Think it may all be a waste of time tho as pretty sure it's still going to fail the MOT on a weak dipped beam but thought it was worth a go so I didn't have to replace the whole unit just yet.
Dan Wavell

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