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MG MGF Technical - Headlight conversion continental to UK specification

I have just imported a 1996 MGF from Luxembourg and need to change the lights to UK spec. To the best of my knowledge I will have to replace the whole light units. If anyone can help with tips on doing this or can help me with ideas on where to try to obtain a second hand set of lights or a cheaper alternative to the local Rover dealer, I would certainly appreciate any help offered.

Many thanks

Martin Moore
Martin Moore Beverley E Yorks

Sorry, but it's late & I'm grumpy - so is there really any
need to email everyone AND put a message on the BBS?

I get enough crap email as it is!


Try Mike Satur, he can provide rhd units for about 100 per unit (correct me if I am wrong mike)...alos, dependant on the age of the car, it will be best (at least when you come to sell) to have an MPH speedo, which Mike can also supply - these are second hand, and therefore have some mileage on them (but it will be better than the 240 for a new one!!), also 100 ish....

Let me know if you need some advice on importing the car (I have done one already)



I'm going through this process at the moment - according to
Rover and DOT the speedo also needs changing. I've been
quoted over 600GBP to do the lot by my local garage.

Note that a 96 car will also need an MOT (so maybe a new

Also you are legally entitled to drive the car on foreign
plates for up to a year as long as the car is taxed and
insured (in any EU country). This has the additional value
(allegedly) of making you immune to Gatsos.

If you find a cheap source of RHD bits, please also let me
know hyendole@hotmail dot com.

9408 SD 76


trawl the small ads in Autotrader etc.

I bought a pair about a year ago for 50 each (full units) from a guy selling a couple of bumpers (I bought those too). He hadn't advertised the lights.

Worth a few phone calls.

Also, a few of the breakers are worth a try, some seem to have 'new' parts.

OK, I'm feeling more helpful today, did you email Stefan?
Are you reading this Stefan & are you still changing yours?
Maybe you can do a swap.


Be careful with 'new' parts from breakers, not only may some have left Longbridge by the back door (a bloke was nicking whole Landrover Chassis from Solihull for years before they caught him) but they may also be the wrong ones.

A friend of mine brought a second hand rover 220 which had had a front end knock. The repair was ok but it failed it's MOT because the headlaights fitted were for a left hand drive. The previous owner had brought them from a breaker as new to save money on the repair.

It has already been said that Mike Satur is a good supply of parts, but you could also try:

Brown & Gammons (01462 490049) who have a few crashed MGFs for breaking and may be able to supply dials and headlamps second hand. New, I know they do the headlamps for 100 UKP per pair.

Also, specialist breakers, try 01234 765 555 (Wednesday pm is apparently the best time to call for parts).

Also check that the necessary recall work has been done- look at the seat belt eustachians to if they have two screws holding them in place. If not obvious, then get them replaced with the later type- it avoids the belts getting snagged/ torn.

Hop that helps


Agreed, you have to be a bit careful, especially re. the 'back door' parts!! but I got parts which came directly from Rover to the Breaker which, although not considered 'new' by Rover and so were offloaded, were actually unused and in original packaging. didn't appear to be seconds either. maybe pre-revisions of some sort?

Its all 'the luck of the draw' as to whats available when you want it.

I cite my favourite 'sale of the century', my complete hood (inc. frame) for 50, never used, from Rover.

That's an astonishingly good deal Julian. All from the "Autotrader"? Or from a single trader?


Also note that you will need a certificate of conformity from Rover, and they will only issue this on production of proof that the repair has been done (an invoice from Rover will suffice, and my dealer fitted my lights from Mike Satur for me). When I imported my car, it cost me about 400 uk pounds for the lot (the speedo only takes about 45 minutes to fit, the lights 1 our for both). If you get a second hand speedo, it is best to get it swapped at a MG Dealer, as the central Rover computer will then have a record of the change, and the milage - this is a benefit when coming to selling.

One thing about buying from a breakers, ALWAYS check all the plastic housing, as this can easily break, and not always be visable...


The hood was from a huge salvage place (they said).

The hoods had been sent by Rover off MGFs destined to be converted for racing in the MGF cup. No need for a hood there! Other bits were from various other sources, private or breakers.

I picked up a wrecked shell for 200. only a few salvagable parts on it but the high price of them new meant I still made a huge saving.

Thanks for all the advice,as a result I am now in possession of two new headlights from Brown and Gammons.They also sold me a tonneau cover for the rear hood for 20.00.


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