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MG MGF Technical - Headlight problem, any ideas?

Both headlamps packed up last night. Have checked fuses 10 & 11 - both seem OK and put a new one in 10 anyway, but both headlamps still not working. Sidelihgts OK and main beam works. This problem started when I got in the car last night.

BTW left headlamp bulb replaced 6 wks aago.

Should I be looking at the switch?

Might be a problem with the relay Ddraig. Have you got access to a multimeter? If so, is any current reaching the bulb holders? Or has the inexplicable happened - both bulbs blown at the same time?
Rob Bell

Cheers Rob, think I'll whip it down the garage as I don't have a meter (NEVER lend tools), they dont charge for quick little jobs, just bulbs etc.
Nice and sunny today so worth a blat:-)

Fingers crossed that it is something simple!
Rob Bell

Yup, it was. 2 new bulbs, also found the negative battery connector to be loose.

Wierd how you can get two bulbs failing at pretty much the same time, isn't it?

If the bulbs both fail again in a short period of time, then there may be another problem that needs investigating - but I suspect that this is one of those things!
Rob Bell

If the negative battery connector was loose then perhaps you were getting voltage surges on the system which caused the bulbs to blow. The regulator may not be able to react fast enough if the load (battery) keeps switching on and off. HOpe it hasn't affected anything else!

Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed between 06/01/2004 and 08/01/2004

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