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MG MGF Technical - Headlights !

Driver side headlight not working (side lights and main beam are fine)- Changed bulb and fuses (tried 10/11 just to work out which side was which!).
Still not working

I looked through archives but dont really appear to have any answer to my problem other then visiting a garage.

You guys ?
DJ Brown

Sounds like a bad earth to me - either a cable fault, or an earthing strap to the body?
Rob Bell

Assuming bulb is OK.

If the main beam is working then the earth connection is probably OK. Check that there is a connection from Fuse 11 to the dip bulb connector. Remove the fuse first and use a multimeter on ohms (resistance) setting. If no connection then there is a break in the wire somewhere back to the fuse.

Check the earth connection side of the bulb holder is actually wired to earth just to make sure. If not then there is a problem within the lamp unit itself.

Check also that one side of the fuse 11 is at 12 volts when the lights are switched on. If not then there is a problem with the connections at the back of the fuse unit.

This info is for MGF.

Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed between 12/12/2005 and 14/12/2005

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