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MG MGF Technical - headlights

Just had a prang (read general thread Don't you just hate it when ....), and after looking at it in the light of day, it seems that the edge of the bumper has been pushed back against the passenger side headlight, in turn pushing the headlight back.

What I am asking, is how does the headlight adjust? Does the bottom move back and forth or the top. I am wondering if the light is sprung so once the bumper is released, the light will spring back, or whether some mount has been bent...


Chris George

Without double checking I think that the headlamp assembly is a fixed unit mounted rigidly to the body mounting points. Adjustment of the beams is achieved via the adjusters on the rear of the headlamp assembly and this moves the reflector units mounted within the headlamp assembly.

If this is the case then either the adjuster arms inside the assembly have detatched which will require access inside the unit to see what can be refitted/repaired. Alternatively if the adjusters are working but the lamp is incorrectly aimed then it is quitye possible that impact damage has been transmitted through the vehcile structure and has bent some of the internal panels.

In vehicle collisions it is not unusual to see remote damage to the structure whilst there is little or no visible damage to the extremity that was actually involved in the collision.

I would strongl;y suggest that at your earliest opportunity the vehicle is fully and professionally checked over to identify if this is the only damage as in 3 months time you find a problem you will have nbext to no chance of being able to claim and then you stand the cost or the loss in repair costs or reduced vehicle value.

Roger Parker

Thanks Roger,

Its already going to an accident repair shop (used by my dealer) for a check and quote on Friday.

Thanks for the info


Chris George

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