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MG MGF Technical - Headlights

I'm still having problems with the headlights on my 2000 VVC. When it's cold (this morning), only the side lights work. After 30 seconds of running the engine the headlights come on. I think it's the column switch that sticks when it's cold but I wondered if the switch feeds a relay, which supplies voltage to the headlights or is a direct feed. Can anyone confirm which it is.


It goes through a relay, don't know which though.

Johan Slagter


for interest - if you turn on heater blower and head lamps before starting engine, does the blower also speed up after the 30 secs wait for the lights?

No Relay on my wiring diagram !!
<No headlights>
Is that No Mainbeam,dip and/or flash ??
Do you have sidelights ??
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Hi Geoff,

Side lights are fine. This morning, I turned switch straight to headlights. Only side lights came on. waited for about 30 seconds and thought that they had failed altogether so I turned switch back to side lights. Just as I turned switch the headlights flashed on for a split second. When I turned switch back to headlights, they came on, after about a 5 second delay. When the car warms up, the lights work fine.

I'll try flashing the headlights tomorrow morning before the car warms up and see if they work.

I always start the car before putting the lights on. The battery seems fine.


This thread was discussed on 01/12/2004

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