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MG MGF Technical - headlights

hi all, had my 1999 mgf mot'd today, but failed on nearside headlight brightness. I have got halfords 50% brighter bulbs fitted already, i am wondering if the problem is being caused by degradation of the silver reflecting material in the headlight itself.(hopefully a new headlight will cure this?) i have checked the connectors on the bulb and they seem ok. Has anybody else come across this problem? thanks everyone...

The MGF head lights do eventually deteriorate as you have found. Yes, it is the internal reflecting material. You can get them resilvered or it has to be a replacement. Higher power bulbs wont get over the problem. New headlight will get you through the MOT OK. If you do a search I am sure you will find further details. You can get new headlights or a cheaper alternative is 2nd hand off ebay but then you never know what you will get.
K A Williams

Hi Matt,
Its an age old problem with F's, as anyone on here will tell you!!!
For around 70 Dual metalising will re-chrome and laquer the re/deflector part of the headlight, see Rob Bell et al's web site on how to remove and strip the headligh units.
Or, use it as a golden excuse to do something different!
Some poeple have fitted TF front end's and projector headlights, some poeple fit Fiat Punto Projector lense units!
I'm in the process of fitting an after market projector unit with angle eyes side lights, as I was sick of all the trick aftermarket stuff being aimed at teenagers and their Saxo's
(Not because im childish and wanted misteron headlight's too!)
Just enjoy your own solution,
and in true MG fashion, keep it cheap!
John :-)
J E Reed

thanks people,looked on ebay, about 90 for a new headlight. read an earlier thread about rechroming them, but noticed that the brackets got broke on reassembly, and ended up having to buy a new light anyway?...

Decided to buy 2 new genuine headlights for the car, fitted them yesterday, all good. Now have the set that i took off the car spare, if anyone wants them to play with?

Matt - I'd be interested, as I need to get the ones on the Project Shed re-silvered if it is ever to get a new MoT ticket and be back on the road!
Rob Bell

hi all, first come first served so posted to Charles as he emailed first. If this is quite a common problem, might be worth passing on old sets to people with the same problem to stop down time as Rob suggested...?

Definitely! :o) Would be good to get a set 'circulating' so that those in need don't have to wait so long before getting their re-silvered reflectors back :o)
Rob Bell

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