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MG MGF Technical - Headlights for Europe

Anyone know of a source of realistically priced headlights for use in Europe, if not how can the RHD lights be masked so oncoming drivers are not blinded?

You can/could buy a conversion mask to cover the lights or you can create a mask as below which can be stuck onto the lights to divert the beams
K A Williams

Just to add, this is only the case for the F. The TF headlights have a lever behind them to switch the dip direction internally.

T Jenner

There's a pair of LHD drive Trophy style headlamps at fleebay currently.
170209604069 (some of the glass fixture clips missing)
I bet they will go for far above 200

The only difference between the UK and Continental headlights is the Lens mounted inside. It is quite an easy job to remove the headlights and swap this over, but is only worth doing if you intend to keep them like that for some time. Read Rob Bell's page under Lighting/Headlamp disassembly on his site :

I have some of these lenses as I bought some LHD units to replace my milky ones and switched the lenses over. You are welcome to them if they are any use to you.

Pete Fincher

The first time I took the F to Europe (3 week trip to Sardinia and then to the French / Spanish border)I made the DIY masks from black sticky backed plastic. They worked but they cut down the light output a lot - not good on French country roads! A simple solution might be to use the stick-on beam deflectors Halfords sell. I've not tried them on the F but the last time we went to France in the wife's car, I noticed that they now include a positioning diagram for the F. Might be cheaper and easier than replacing the lens housing.

Cheers, Bill.
wjf farnsworth

Hi Pete,
That's very interesting and yes I would like your lhd lenses. I can send you a uk cheque to cover the costs and they can be sent to me in France, where I am at the moment, or the can be sent to my uk address for me to pick up in July when I will be there.


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