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MG MGF Technical - Heated window switch

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know:

Ive just bought a hard top, Ive found the connector for the heated window snuggled just where the soft top sits back, so ive got no problems connecting it up... The problem is that Ive got no switch to turn it on!!

I know I can pick up a switch easy enough, but what i wanted to know is whether the existing connector and cable will be likely to run to the dash where the switch should be, or whether i will have to run a wire to the back of the car (which will cause me headaches!!).

Thanks for the help!


Nick D


Wiring should all be there.

You will need a switch and associated relay.

Sam Murray

What year ??? There are Mk1 and Mk2 Kits.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Also, look in your hanbook to see where the switch should be positioned so that you connect it to the correct plug :-)
David Clelland

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help. To answer your question its a 97 on an R plate. The guy I bought the hard top from suggested I wouldnt need a relay...

any further suggestions

Nick D

I would have thought you do need a relay. My original mgf came with the hardtop (bought car 2nd hand), and so hade the wiring switch, relay etc.

I sold the mgf but kept the hard top, and now I have a newish mgtf and needed to use the hardtop. I didn't have switch or the relay and bought it from the mgf centre (actually cheaper than ebay !) and fitted the switch. Easy pull out blank carefully and the wiring is attached, push the new switch on connector and put back in console. Fitted relay in the fuse box (my mgtf takes the newer smaller type of relay ) and with engine running it works. You do need th engine running not just iginition switch on !

So can't see previous hardtop owner saying you don't need relay if you don't have switch. Easy to check anyway, and relay is cheap !


You will definitely need a relay, and you will definitely need a switch. You can buy these as a kit from the likes of Brown and Gammons, or your nearest X-Part dealer/ MG Rover dealership. Costs about 15 quid IIRC. Installation is very simple - I think that Dieter probably has the instructions on his website -
Rob Bell

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