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MG MGF Technical - Heater Box Seal

I came out from work today after some heavy rain and found the car all steamed up,demisted it, got home. 1 hour later all steamed up again. Checked the carpets,drivers side o.k. passenger side soaking. Took out the sound deadening material and wrung it out like a sponge. Looks like the water came in from the heater box area. I know Rover changed the seals on the heater box in 1998, but I do not know if mine was, my "F's" a March 1998 model. Its going in for a 3 year service at the end of this month (only done 24000mls)before the warranty runs out. Will I be able to get a new seal under warranty or is it a "mastic job".
Does anyone know if Rover extend the warranty after 3 years and if so at what cost!

Thanks Paul Nightfire R966JPD


Had the start of dampness in my car back end of last year and suspect a "grounding" in Belgium that Andy witnessed, may have played a part. Anyway took her in for a final check just before her third birthday and the garaged fixed under the 3 year warranty. This fix was a very generous dose of silicone rubber around the heater box.

No leak since, even during the recent monsoons!

Hope you get the same result.




Cars up to VIN 23992 are those with the faulty sealing. Cars after this had the modified system fitted from new.

Roger Parker

Hi Paul

Had my heater box replaced under extended warranty, so you should be OK.

Stefan Gibney

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