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MG MGF Technical - heater fan

just got home from the garage (am rebuilding a 68 midget)when my heater fan stopped blowing on speeds 1 @2 does anybody know why as i cannot afford to spend any more as the midget is eating up all of my cash
kind regards

Think this is quite common. From what I remember it's not a big job. Look in the archives for details.
David Clelland


Its the heater resister thats faulty, seems quite common, mine went a while ago, got the new part but not got round to fitting it yet!.

Its part of the heater box, you have to remove glove box etc...I think??!, to fit a new one, 20ish if I remember right!.

Now that you mention it, I think mine's gone too. :-(
Gill B

Gill, another example of how good this bbs is compared to the MGOC version! Until you found us you didn't even know you had problems.

Stoneleigh Park MG Festival is on 20th February - loads of spares and accessories and a chance to bump into many of the people from here.

Instructions for fitting the heater resistor pack are in the archive. Speak to Victoria at MGF Centre (contact details on their site for a pack at a sensible price.

Shropshire isn't that far from MGFC in Wolverhampton and they are very well respected and competent mg specialists (not MGR dealer). Their range of parts and upgrades is very good and their prices are competitive. I'm after a set of seats for my TF in black leather with green alcantara and matching door panels.

I still don't understand how I found this site in the first place - when I said "it just popped up in my browser" I meant it! Divine intervention perhaps?? ;-)

Having only just moved back here after 20 years down sarf I was looking for somewhere to 'do' the F - and you're right, Wolverhampton is just down the road. Thanks John - that's 2 pints I owe you now I think!
Gill B

hi thanks for your help had a look at the archives and decided to repair. took out resistor streched the two broken ends and resoldered them, blower working ok saved some money only to spend on the midget!!!!

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