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MG MGF Technical - heater leak

Can anyone point me towards a step by step guide on how to get to the part of the heating system which soaks the drivers carpet with coolant??

mike roberts

The component is probably the heater valve leaking where the hoses are attached. The valve is mounted behind the central console on the driver's side. Remove the two Pozi screws holding the RH footwell light panel in place. Remove the panel and you should be able to see the valve if you get your head down under the steering wheel! The jubilee type clips may just need tightening.


Bruce Caldwell

Thanks Bruce,

I've had a good look there, and although the hoses still have the notorious rover wire clips, there doesn't seem to be any fluid around the joints....



Have you checked the connections to the heater core?

Bruce Caldwell

Could also be the seal between the heater matrix box and the bulkhead.

This can be fixed by applying bathroom silicon sealant around the join.

Sam Murray

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