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MG MGF Technical - Heater motor resistor pack

I have had to replace the resistor pack on my SO's MG-R 25. I'm sure you already know this by now, but the fragile windings are now ceramic coated on one side.
Part number is JGH10002. Dealer tells me they have 15 in stock, but the new ones are better and longer lasting, and does a steady trade in replacements!!
Tell me if I'm wrong, but the heater unit should be the same as the TF?
Jerry Herbert

Heater Box is different, of course.

But the outer shape of JGH1002 looks different larger to the MGF/TF JGM100060 resistor pack.

Worth to investigate IMO, but the R25 pack is 5 quid more.
- Resistor values ?
- connector positions and shape
- bolt hole measures

Outer shape could probabbly get reworked to fit the MGF mount.

Please let us know what you can find.

Hmmm. I'll try and take a picture tomorrow of the old one, the new one went on tonight.
I'm OK with spanners, not so good with trickey things like PC's!!
Jerry Herbert


some more of the MGF/TF R-pack are here.
May be you can take some measures and do a hand drawing ?
I've got the JGM100060 in my spares bin and will try to take the same measure locations next weekend.

Access from the passenger footwell?



See if this works!
4 pin plug, may be different, resistance seems the same. Pins marked M1, M2, Hi, Lo. Flange needs trimming. Rectangular insert is 7.0cm x 4.0cm, holes centres are 8.3cm.
Jerry Herbert

Well done first step :)
"secured" to
I hope to find the time to measure the other until I leave for hols.

Anyone else, though ?

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