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MG MGF Technical - Hella LED Rear Mike Lights

For those with the Mike Satur lights, I have now replaced the Fiat light fittings with Hella's LED lights and I have to say they look even better than the original Fiat Coupe lights. Ever so often I have to go into the dark garage and turn them on and use the brake lights just to drool over the effect. For those interested I got them from a German site as they also made and sold the fitting into which the lights go - perfect fit into the Mike Satur surrounds.

Hi Julian,

Do they tighten in the same way as the OEM Fiat lights? Because these have small studs on them, by which they are tightened to the quad casing/mold.

Are all the light functions in them. Fog, reverse, etc. Some time ago fogs seemed to be a problem. Appearantly, that was a problem when this conversion was first raised.

Some pics would be nice to persuade us quad light owners ;-)


David Peters

No they are not the same. The German supplier manufactured fittings into which the Hella lights fitted but I used the Mike Satur attachments (steel grips as used in his mark 2 version) to secure the fittings to the Mike Satur surround. Perfect fit and secure and no messing around.

If an MG er has a web page more than happy to send them the images for publication - from the rear and an image of the fixtures from the boot side.

Look fantastic and really glad I did it.

Forget - light cluster included fog, reverse, brake, tail and indicators

mgtfhen finding the leds seperately, it is not a straight forward fit! As this tuner has made up an adapter, that you have put in the the quad appearture and tightened using MS
David Peters


I'll get an email to you with pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for the offer.


Julian, I'd be delighted to host those pix for you. Drop me an email - robert dot m dot bell at kcl dot ac dot uk :o)
Rob Bell

They´re uploaded in one of my sub-galleries:

But I feel they´re better of on a website grouped with other light mods;-)

David Peters

Would it be possible to make some pictures of the fixings from the German supplier and send them to David, so that he can put them to his web site.
In fact I have ordered a newer version of the Hella LED ligths. Here the LED ring can be used as a rear and stop ligth at the same time. Like this, I have 4 rear and brake ligths like the Nissan Skyline or the Corvette.
Thanks in advance


Send me your email address to Julian dot Foulger @

What part number do you have for the latter Hella light rims please?

Hi Pascal,

You can see the adapters on this picture

the light in the upper right hand corner is displayed on one of the adatpers. You can clearly seen two threaded studs protruding (white/chrome things left and right)

In this picture you can see the metal angled plates that are fit over the studs and coverd with a nut, that pulls the adapters tight against the Quad moulding.

David Peters

Hi David,
I saw the pictures, and since then I'm a bit lost.
My best self-made method until now was to glue the rings to the quad housing and fixing the inner lights to a back plate that I made myself out of a sheet of metal, which is fixed to the quad housing. But I'm not very happy with the fact of glueing.
Having a look at the adapters, I suppose, that the LED Rings also have to be glued to these?
What's more, is that on the picture from inside of the boot, I can't see the adapter. If it is the black surrounding, then I can't find out how you can fix the rings to these and end up with this result, because if you have a look at the pictures of this page:
you can see that the rings are only 20 mm thick and the inner lights are 87.5 mm with 3 fixations. The 2 bolts in the pictures with the clamps are those from the inner lights, but where are the 2 from the adapters?
As I said previously; I'm a bit lost.

PPO Pascal

The adapters came from the German company. The outer rings effectively sandwich the adapters between the rings and the Mike Satur surrounds when you screw up the Mike Satur Brackets. No glue is necessary unless you have lost the Fiat rubber rings to make waterproof - if rings lost use silicon sealant. I did drill two holes in each adapter and using a screw in each I then tightened the nuts behind the Satur Brackets from the boot side. No glue or mastic used anywhere.

Without the adapters you will NEVER get a tight waterproof fitting between the outer-rings and the Mike Satur Surrounds and will not get them perfectly positioned within the surrounds as there is a sizeable gap without the adapters from the German company. The fact is that the surrounds from the German company make the fitting secure and waterproof without ending up with a botched job. The real value of the German company product is actually in the adapters, not the lights! The adapters are well made and a perfect fit for both the Mike Satur surrounds and the outer rings.

Thanks for the explanation Julian.
This leaves me with one question, which everybody has to answer for himself:
I paid all in all 250 Euros for the following:
- 4x LED rings (they can do rear and stop light at the same time)
- 2x smoked indicators
- 1x smoked reversing light
- 1x red rear fog light
- 4x chrome rings as they can be found on the MG-SV

The german company asks 350 Euros for the set which includes cheaper LED rings (2x rear and 2 x brake light) and 4 adapters. Are these adapters really worth more than 100 Euro ???

PPO Pascal

It is a lot of money for the adapters but you have already spent money on light fittings which unless you obtain/manufacture adapters will never fit or be water prrof. Unfortunately I do not know where you go from here. Having got the adapaters, there is no way you will be able to fit your light fittings in 'a sea of silicane sealant'.The adapaters ensure the fittings fit perfectly and securely without looking like a botched DIY job. If you do not fit them properly you will end up with a mess and you will be better off returning to the Fiat lights.

Approach the German company and ask them to sell you the adapters seperatly. And the chrome rings WILL NOT fit with the adapters in place. I ended up selling mine on to a chap in France (for a small profit).

Julian, I'm sorry to say this, but these adapters look like a tupperware box with a big hole on the ground to me. And even with the adapters, you need to have the Fiat rubber seals to make the whole lot waterproof. Not only the abusive price, but also the fact that I can't use the chrome rings, are reasons for that I won't go that route myself.
So this sounds like a challenge to make the adapters myself. The biggest part will be to find an appropriate "adapter" and not to make it waterproof. Even my original TF lights weren't waterproof when I bought the car from new. So I had to make them waterproof myself, which means that I have a bit of experience with such things -LOL-
I can assure you, that it won't look afterwards like a botched DIY job, because I know my skills and I appreciate the TF too much. It will only take a bit longer than only buying and fitting parts designed for our cars.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. Your explanations and pictures helped me a lot.

BTW did you get my email with the references of the LED rings?

PPO Pascal

I did get the references thanks. I have now replaced the single action LED rings with the latest dual mode ones. Looks very good.

I have used the Fiat rubber seals to ensure absolute water proofing although the fit is so tight with the Mike Satur clamps, I suspect it is not strictly necessary.

Best of luck with finding a solution.

Ah Pascal, don´t worry, things you DIY just tend to take long. But the search and quest is the fun part of it. good luck
David Peters

Try a flower pot for a DIY solution for the adapters

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