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MG MGF Technical - Help!

Ive just sealed the heater box and the bit for left hand drive with silacone sealent and it looks like its worked but now ive noticed that water is somehow getting into the floor pan infront of the seats on the flat of the floor, this is on both sides of the car and i cant work out how its getting there. I only noticed it because i was hoovering and lent on the floor and water came up from the carpet.

Also wheres the best place 2 get a K&N 57i induction kit, and the cheapest?


Gary.... Im not the most technical and sealing the heater box bit etc is on my To Do List on some decent weekend .....but.... id bet a few quid the remaining water is entering through the cheaters on the door mirrors. There are plenty of cures in the archives, ( another of my To Do things....either that or I will just buy some waders ;-)
D Jamieson

This thread was discussed on 25/01/2003

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