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MG MGF Technical - HELP!

I am at my end of my pulls right on heavy braking, the garage checked brakes and calipers, and said they were ok, and suggested EPAS unit or ABS. Is this right?

Also i have noticed at high speeds e.g. 85 plus, steering wheel feels very "loose" and wobbly (if that makes any sense), and becomes very scary to drive.

Tracking has been set recently and is ok, car drives in a straight line, apart from high speeds and braking, and i have checked tyre pressures, which are ok.

Any ideas anyone?
A Hall

You have a worn bush.

Take the car to someone who knows them and ask them to check the bushes on the suspension, and possibly the wheel bearings.
Will Munns

i had my rear suspension bushes replaced about 2 months ago, by the same garage!
A Hall

how about front ones?
Will Munns

>>EPAS unit or ABS<<
Nonsense ! EPAS is not involved in braking - if it decided to pull right, you wouldn't be able to stop it applying full lock.
ABS isn't involved unless the wheels lock.
You could try removing the appropriate fuses but it's not really worth it.

I agree with Will - you have worn suspension components. What year/model is your car ? Is it absolutely standard (including brake pads/discs) or is it modified ? How high is the suspension ?

The MGF should be fine at 85 plus - without splitters or any other changes.

I suggest you take the car to a suspension expert - TechSpeed are the obvious choice

Agree with all of the above.

Worth stating the last line again though:

"I suggest you take the car to a suspension expert - TechSpeed are the obvious choice"

A visit to Techspeed to get the car checked and generally sorted will be the best money you'll spend on the car - whether you spend money on "fancy bits" or keep it "standard - but properly setup".

Paul Nothard

I haven't had the front ones replaced. Whereabouts is tech speed? think it is a bit too far for me!
A Hall

Techspeed are near Coventry, a trek from Cheshire but worth it IMO.
Phil Brindley - Leicester

...or Mike Satur, who is in south Yorkshire ( between Barnsley and Doncaster ) a bit nearer to Cheshire.

I've had a lot of work done there - the car was transformed. I can now go around roundabouts far too fast without coming off at the wrong exit!


could you tell me the typical symptoms of worn suspension bushes? As my steering has gone weird aswell, when going round a corner it seems that i have to actually turn the steering wheel a lot more than i used, in some instances the steering wheel has to be turned almost twice. I want to know a rough guide as to whats wrong when i book it in somewhere.

Thanks for your all your help so far!
A Hall

anybody????? there is definitely something wrong with my car, i have just driven home from work (20 miles) and it was all over the show. Have phoned Mike Satur, he is only 60 miles away, so awaiting a return phone call to book it in!
A Hall

Regarding EPAS. My car pulled to the left which I initially thought was brakes, but it actually pulled left as the car slowed down and EPAS provided more steering assistance. Jack up so that both front wheels are off the ground. Point wheels straight ahead, rock the steering wheel, does the steering feel ok?. Now start engine. Do the wheels turn by themselves? or seem to be biased to turn in one direction. Mine did (to the left in my case). It was the sensor on the steering column. I know how to adjust it, if it's the same on yours (Rover replace the column, 500 quid plus labour).

Hi Andrea, don't know if you have sorted this by now but I would be really careful as it sounds like something has failed or is actully getting worse or coming loose and may completely give up. Hopefully those who know more about this then me are right about bushes but if something critical in the steering goes whilst you are driving...maybe the steering rack is coming loose? Hope you get all this sorted - everytime you post it gets my attention as we have the same initials and surname!


thanks tony & keith, I have booked it in to Mike Saturs for next week, which is only approx 60 miles aways, and getting a lift to work......i don't know whether it is a combination of things, hopefully i will get to the bottom of it!

Fingers crossed for you.

Scarlet Fever

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