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MG MGF Technical - Help - Brake disc removal

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to remove my front brake discs but they won't budge. I have removed the four retaining screws & calipers, however, even with the aid of a three legged puller (which broke) & a large hammer, the discs refuse to move.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


can feel with you and surely confirm that you are not to weak to get a 'simple' disk off.
Had the same desaster at the wreck which I dismanteled the other year.
At last only a very strong two arm 'puller' helped. Needed a second person to hold it in place and nearly got mad turning the center bolt with a large wrench with full power.


Dieter Koennecke

A larger hammer - and don't mollycoddle it - HIT it !

... HARD!!

Use a soft headed (copper or similar) but heavy hammer to prevent flying metal shards or use a piece of hard wood as a buffer. Turn the disc 180 degrees between impacts and then after every 10 hits turn through 90 degrees and go again for another ten. I have never needed a puller and this includes removing the same discs from cars with 10 plus years of time to corrode into place.

If you hammer a disc hard enough to dent or mark the surface then do not re-use as such indents may also lead to cracks. You do not want to introduce cracks to a discs that you will be reusing. For straight replacement then just hit it - it will come off and is only an interference fit on the hub.

Roger Parker

Thanks guys

I got there eventually, even with a puller & heat I still damaged the old disc's when hammering them.
I have fitted new disc's, green stuff pads and changed the brake fluid, this has improved the brakes quite a lot.


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