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MG MGF Technical - Help... Cutting out at 5-6K revs


Was hoping from some advice. My F ( 96 vvc ) has had a turbulent couple of days and now i'm having problems at the higher rev range.

This is the story so far.

Friday: Drove through a puddle that doubled as a lake. Sucked water in through my induction kit and the engine stalled. Starter would not turn engine. So i removed the spark plugs and turned engine until all the water had jetted out the top of the engine. Engine fired up once i replaced the plugs and although missing for about 10 mins smoothed out and was fine. Drove car home with no filter.
Saturday. Drove car for a little with no filter, was revving/pulling ok. Changed the leads and cleaned the filter.replaced the filter ( looks like a piper induction kit ). Not touched it until this morning.. wont rev above 5-6K under load, but will when stationary.


What have I done?

Any help/ideas would be appreciated. I suspect that if i remove the fileter it will rev ok again... air flow problem? Or has the water damaged the VVC unit?




If it cuts out just before 6000rpm on a VVC engine, this normally means a bad camshaft position sensor. Black sensor easily seen from top of the head on the induction side.

Whether the sensor or the wiring...

Valter >99 VVC & '73 BGT<

I had the same problem after an autocross in a very dry and dusty field. Cause was a choked air filter, cleaned it out, fitted a new element and all better again.
If yours had a pile of water through it and any dust was present, the dust could have congealed. Try it without the filter and see if the problem goes away.
Paul Walbran

Forgot to add:
The filter was so blocked that there was sufficient pressure drop in between the filter and TB that the hose collapsed, hence the symptom of total cut-out. Investigation turned up that the very early cars had a weaker hose that was more prone to this, so if yours induction kit still uses the original hose that could be part of the problem given the year of the car.
Paul Walbran

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