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MG MGF Technical - Help for a French based Elise owner

hi there

with zero lotus garages in the s of france i am at the mercy of mg rover for some parts but trying to persuade them that there are common parts with a mgf is curiously tricky.

wondered if you guys with a parts manual could help or maybe is there - like wiht the elise - one that can be downloaded in pdf?

parts i need are:
ht leads
exhaust brackets - parts 3 & 4 in this pdf

thks for yr help guys!
rob e

rob, I've often read your comments on the Elise bbs and envied you the views over the Corniche but now see that there are disadvantages. I guess that they are outweighed by the advantages!

May be worth contacting Brown & Gammon (see list of advertisers) in Hertfordshire as they do a full parts service including export. They also now do some Elise parts and spares. Ask for Malcolm Gammon and/or see their site.

Also, Mike Satur.

thks john

scary that you know my posts! on the whole have to say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages!

i normally use eliseparts and bell & colvill for parts but in this case as they are not elise specific i can go pick up this afternoon hence the request for parts numbers.

rob e

3&4 are lotus specific
Leads and cap are mgf/214/216/218/416/418 items for standard.
Most people get Magnacore leads from a stockist like B&G as they have alifetime service gaurantee. I'm sure any Max Power type mag will list these with rover tuning parts.

Will Munns

you sure - was told by a f owner your exhaust brackets are the same?
rob e

rob, I'm suspect Will is right. I've just looked at the (RAVE CD based) Manual and, whilst the parts that you show as 3 & 4 look similar they do appear to be oriented differently.

>> exhaust brackets - parts 3 & 4 in this pdf <<

I have to say that although the Elise has them orientated through 90 degrees from the MGF items, they actually appear to be identical.

However, how confident can one be from looking at a line figure of the exhaust system? Might be a good idea to measure up the hole centres and other basic dimensions Rob, and I'll compare it with the hangers on my car.
Rob Bell

Have you asked for Part No. Price and Delivery from

Armed with this, you can find endless suppliers on any Search Engine.

Geoff F.
G. Farthing

or "Extended Dealer Search"
Lotus - France or Switzerland.

Geoff F.
G. Farthing

there aren't any dealers on the cote d'azur (there is one advertising as a dealer but he doesn't stock one spark plug).

have you got the part numbers for those brackets - i may as well pick them up when i get the distributor and leads and hope they fit.
rob e

If no one has given you the part number by this evening Rob, I'll see if I can look it up for you...

BTW MGFC, Midland MGF and perhaps also B&G sell second hand parts - do you need new?
Rob Bell

Rob, if you want the mgtf manuals, then these pdfs have been hosted by a French member of the boards:

K16 MOTEUR (french) :


PG1 GEARBOX (english):

K16 ENGINE (english) :

Hope this helps (but sadly, no part numbers)
Rob Bell

rob - thks - is good so that at least i can print the page out and show them the bit.

yes for sure new - just to reiterate - i only wanted to do this way to save hassle of getting the parts shipped from the uk as there is a mg rover main dealer just down the road.

many thanks for everyone's help
rob e

good luck!
Will Munns

HT Leads: depends on the type/age of engine. I can remember that the distributor location changed during the years. Correct me if am wrong.

Exhaust: MGF's EPC gives me the following information:
- Mounting-rubber exhaust system - downpipe: GEX 77939 Quantity: 2 Price: 2.00
- Bracket assembly-mounting rear exhaust: GEW 77941 Quantity: 2 Price: 0.89



pointless exercise as they didn't have any in stock - thanks anyway.
rob e

> Correct me if am wrong.

The coil location changed, the distributor* is always in the same place

*the fact that he has one means he has an early 1.8MPi engine (coil mounted under the inlet manifold), on the VVC there were always two coils and no distributer (same place I think?), on late engines the twin coils are mounted under the cam cover cover again with no distributor.
Will Munns

Thanks Will, you really cleared it up again.

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