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MG MGF Technical - Help - ignition coil wanted.


The continuing saga of my car which stutters under
accelaration. My MG mechanic says it is the
ignition coil which is causing spark plug no.1 to ark
outside rather than normal. He tells me it is a
common failure in these cars.

Right, rather than get a normal replacement that will
fail again, can anyone suggest a better quality
iginition coil and more importantly where I can
obtain one from a.s.a.p please.

Brown & Gammons do the ignition lead sets as does
magnecor, but there is no mention of a "coil". Is it
one and the same thing? Help.

W.A. Pearson

Plug leads and coils are different things. There are also different setups depending on the age and model of your car.
David Clelland

Hi! David,

Sorry, my car is a bog standard 1800cc first registered in March 2001.

I now know coils are different things, e.g. e-bay
are advertising a few for the MGf, but they look
different - which one do I need.

W.A. Pearson

There are only two sorts - VVC and NON VVC Coils. Later cars 2004 / 2005 do have a different version from a different manufacturer ( BERU ) but they are interchangeable with the NEC coils of earlier cars. We have new replacements of both sorts available in our ebay shop Kar-solutions (onlinetb). Leads are obviously a lot cheaper than the coils, I would get your mechanic to clarify if it is the lead to no 1 spark plug that is at fault or the coil (the lead plugs into the coil).

Hi! Dave

My MGf is a non VVC model, 2001. It is definitely
the coil I need. The leads and the coil were
replaced at its last service in March this year,
but I am told the coils fail quite often. I was
really enquiring whether there was a more robust
coil out there.

W.A. Pearson

MG Rover did replace the NEC coils that your car would have had with the BERU supplied coils. I don't know if they have been more reliable though.

This thread was discussed on 16/07/2008

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