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MG MGF Technical - HELP! immobiliser problems

Hi all
I would like some advice on a 1997 MGF. I have only recently bought the car and unfortunately the previous owner was not entirely honest about it though I would prefer to be able to fix it than scrap it if possible.
I have been having trouble with the key fob/immobiliser. I have replaced the battery in the fob though it only worked intermittently and at the moment is not at all. The immobiliser is currently stuck on and the fob will not work to unlock the doors or turn it off to start the car. Occasionally when the doors were unlocked with the fob the lock would make a rattling noise before opening. Could you please tell me if this is a common fault or if it would be fixable.
Any help would be much appreciated but it is taken away to the scrap yard!
R Smith

Sounds like you may have a faulty door lock mechanism.

Not an expensive repair.

Do the door lock work with the key?

Do you have the 4 digit lock code, which should be in the service book, along with the radio code?

You can't be far mg specialist, Mike Satur

He'll have it fixed for you in a jiffy.

Also, a long shot, but try to get some dosh back from the person you bought it from.

Good luck!
Sam Murray

Thank you for your advice. The lock does work with the key. I will be hopefully having it repaired this week and will be falling in love with it again rather than having it taken to bits!
Much appreciated
R Smith

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