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MG MGF Technical - Help me stop my Alarm

I have an issue with my MGF P plate. If I dont get it fixed my missus is going to sell so need help ASAP.

Ultimatly I cant set the alarm, the remote will lock the door lights flash but within 10-30 seconds horn sounds, I have also noticed the boot light and mirror lights are not work either. Thought it might be fusses affecting all this but checked the main box all ok, I am sure theyare all linked and also most probably somthing loose (I hope) but dont have a clue where to look.

Only solution to date is unhook the horn.

Thanks for any help

Carl du Plessis

more than likely door locks se arcive
sr foster 81

or the boot lid loom - again see archives.
Ted Newman

Bruce put the test below up some time back and I copied it and have t below. I have found this useful to find the fault.

Try this

1. Ensure doors, bonnet and the boot lid are closed.
2. Sit in the driverís seat and close the door.
NOTE: The next three actions must be carried out within 2 seconds.
3. Depress the driverís door sill button.
4. Switch the ignition on, off and on again.
5. Raise the driverís doorsill button.
If the test mode has been entered correctly, the horns will give a short beep and the engine immobilisation buzzer will sound.
Opening either door, the bonnet or the boot lid, or operating the driverís door sill button, will cause the alarm LED to illuminate for approximately one second. If the LED does not illuminate, there is a system fault.
The volumetric sensor can also be tested while in test mode. To test the volumetric sensor, press the unlock button on the remote handset several times. The alarm LED will illuminate for approximately 1 second each time movement is detected in the vehicle.
The test mode is cancelled by switching the ignition OFF.


Its your rear wiring loom. Easy fix

I have a page on fixing it here (though not very detailed)

I Brown

Hi Carl, I had EXACTLY the same problem with my MGF. I followed the instructions with faulty rear loom (as above thread) and found a bare wire, which in-turn had blown fuse number 12 (under the steering wheel-fuse box)causing failure of internal lights, flickering of boot lid lamp, and blasting of alarm after about 20 seconds. I repaired the dodgy wire, cleaned the boot and bonnet sensors, and replaced the 15a fuse- problem solved. hope this helps.

<<Bruce put the test below up some time back>>
Crikey, been gone 9 months and my names's still being mentioned:-))

My step son inherited my car and I've now got an MX5 (ducking and weaving into distance)

Bruce Caldwell

If its not the boot then the door locks could be the problem.
If you leave the lights on with the engine turned off but the door closed does the lights on warning buzzer sound??
Rich Baker

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