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MG MGF Technical - Help MGF cut out and will not start?

My wife has just come in and says the MGF has cut out and won't start? See says that every time see went slow, i.e. in first gear the car cut out and when she stop to turn into the close the car completely stoped and will not start? I have tried to start the car with no luck, it fires a couple of times then cuts out. Any ideas.
Jim Kenny

no petrol?
Will Munns

Jim, I hesitate to ask the obvious - could it be fuel starvation? Not necessarily out of fuel, but not getting through. If guage shows fuel, pull filler cap off to release vacuum.

I will check.
Jim Kenny

quick type Will strikes again

Thanks for getting me in trouble with the wife. "Of course its got petrol in" she said. Petrol is ok and I have just tried to start it up again, its started ok? And ticks over but there must be a problem, blockage in petrol flow? Not overheating?
Jim Kenny

Is the interior smelling of petrol? A blocked breather pipe could be responsible.
Rob Bell

Sorry Jim

Both Will & I forgot to mention that all normal caveats apply, especially - check the fuel yourself DO NOT ask wife if there is any!!!!

Just opened the petrol cap and a loud air intake was evedent so could be a air lock, will have a look at the breather pipe, if I can find it. No petrol smells inside car. But I have had the car for 6 months (year 2000 model) and have had no problems.
Jim Kenny


Rob has much more MGF experience than I have and his advice often hits the spot.

After a blocked breather I would be checking for a blocked fuel filter. Well, actually I'd be getting a mechanic to check but the result would be the same.

Certainly I have fuel starvation problems on the bike when the filler cap keyhole gets blocked. Sometimes only by rain water.

Haven't seen a weather map today - don't suppose rain has got in through boot (or grill) and dampened plug leads? Standing to allow heat soak would dry this out and allow car to run normally very shortly afterwards.

The only definite in these cases is -

It will (must) not be the wife's fault!!!

<<But I have had the car for 6 months (year 2000 model) and have had no problems>>

Nothing is for ever Jim :-)

A blocked breather will usually result in a very noticible petrol smell in the cabin, so if it is not there, then we've got to look elsewhere. As John says, the Petrol filter is probably the next step to investigate.

The problem is how to check the filter. You'll get a significant pressure drop across a blocked filter- but this is no use to you unless you've got a 4-bar pressure guage handy in your tool box. Probably the easiest thing to do is replace the filter. It's cheap and straightforward to do.

The other thing is that we haven't ruled out an ignition problem. This is quite easy to check. Remove a spark plug, put it to ground, and see whether the thing actually sparks when the engine is turned over.

Fingers crossed this is something very simple! :o)
Rob Bell

just an idea. Make sure the fuel pump is running.
There has been often a failure with the fuel pump connector.

Have alook at Tony's site
or direkt link

On the other hand it could be as well any problem with cams and timing, or distributor cap (120bhp engine only)

Dieter K.

I have just checked the oil in the MG and its brown does this signify hg gone.
Jim Kenny

And yes just put 3 pints of water in looks like HGF? s**t
Jim Kenny

OK where is the best place to get the MGF repaired? I live in Stoke-on-Trent. And how can I get in touch with MG so they can pay the cost of repair as the car is only 3 years old (year 2000) and this is a known fault.
Jim Kenny


Sounds like bad news, best get it checked asap. Hopefully SWMBO didn't drive too far with it in that state.

Does the oil look like it's contaminated with water - looks like mayonnaise (or tikka massala according to my daughter when her Rover 400 let go 6 weeks ago)? Is the water contaminated with oil?

A car that does frequent short journeys at relatively low speeds will get some condensation in the oil and will ofetn be seen as mayo on the dip stick.

Don't despair too soon.

A straight HGF is easily fixed. A ruined head becomes much more expensive. Dropped liners could mean a new engine.

<<OK where is the best place to get the MGF repaired? I live in Stoke-on-Trent. >>

I don't know the area Jim but I'm sure somebody will be along soon.

<<And how can I get in touch with MG so they can pay the cost of repair as the car is only 3 years old (year 2000) and this is a known fault>>

You can try but don't expect too much.

Is the car under MG warranty? If not, then don't expect more than sympathy.

Did you buy from a dealer with an extended warranty? Is it still in force?

Known fault? Presumably you also knew about this when you bought the car? It is not an admitted factory fault but there is documented history of HGFs. People like Clarkson and Top Gear have mentioned it (more) often than enough.

Doesn't make your problem any less but a Vectra @work has just had 4th HGF in less than 3 years, all out of warranty. Passat @work had HGF last year and 2 clutch replacements, luckily under warranty. Friends Passat just had HGF last week.

The Vectra and Passat HGFs are appearing in the public domain recently. Also the Mondeo Duratec V6 HGFs that are starting to appear at around 70000 miles.

Jim, when you say brown, do you mean a light brown colour and that the is opaque? If so, then yes, this is a HGF :o( The sudden consumption of water is suggestive too.

If you can, get your car booked into an mg specialist: MGF Centre, Mike Satur and Techspeed are all options (although I gather that the MGFC are on hols at the moment). Techspeed have their own low loader, so if you need collection then it could be arranged - but you can get AA etc to tow the car to your specialist of choice if you have Relay (or equivalent).
Rob Bell

Confirmed as HGF by my local Rover dealer. I am now trying to sort out with Rover group about having the repair done on concession. Someone on here stated they had been able to convince Rover to pay for the repair, I think it was 3 or 4 months ago does anyone remember who it was. Anyone have any ideas on how I should word the letter? Are mike satur and the MGF Centre MG dealers? Could they contact MG on my behalf? As I am retired (teacher) through ill health money is not something I have in abundance.
Jim Kenny

bad luck Jim

Neither Mike Satur nor MGF Centre are MGR dealers. They are both independants specialising in MGs.

I realy wish you success in your claim. Do keep us informed of your progress as others may benefit later.

Argh! What a shame!

It'll be helpful if you could enter your data here:
Rob Bell

Come on guys help me with the wording of this letter.
Jim Kenny

What is your garage saying? I'd start there and gauge their opinions on the likely success of writing a letter. They may also give you some ideas on what to include in any letter should it prove necessary (a lot will depend on your relationship with the service manager).

A quick search of the archives should also give you some food for thought on what to include in a letter... full MG service history, Watchdog, etc etc.
Rob Bell

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