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MG MGF Technical - Help!-MOT Failiure and more!

Took my car today for its first MOT,its a '98 VVC,with 22,000 on the clock and encountered a few problems and would like some advice and help.
Problem 1:-Does anyone know the correct CO reading for the car,the computer was showing - MIN 0.00 MAX 0.30,my reading was 2.88,and so to my next problem-
Problem 2:-While they were holding on the revs at 3000RPM in order to try and bring the CO reading down,and longer than they normally would,my EPAS warning light illuminated and then my water expansion bottle bubbled over with steam hissing out of it,which has never happened before,and so noticed that the radiator fan had not cut in,and neither did the engine bay fan(they were both working last year when I first had the car),so i've checked the fuses and they're OK,so what I want to know is how can I test them,where is the radiator cooling fan switch,why did my EPAS light come on? and the other thing I noticed was that the temperature gauge stayed on the notch below half all the time during the test,which it always has done since i've had the car no matter how I drive or what the outside temp is,so are these gauges a waist of time? Hope you can help me out-Thanks

Oh the joys of owning an MGF.
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I can only answer part of your question.

Don't worry, the EPAS is functioning correctly. The EPAS computer has a failsafe device that cuts it out when the revs are high and the car is not moving. When the EPAS cuts out the red light comes on. It will turn off and power assistance to the steering wheel will return the next time you start the car.

Some other people on the BBS have reported problems with their expansion tank's pressure cap. Apparently these fail frequently and a revised version with a white dot marked in the centre of the cap has been issued sometime in 1998. There should be a lot of info of this in the archive.

The workshop manual gives the exhaust gas CO at idle at 0.5% maximum for both the MPI and the VVC.

Spyros Papageorghiou

It's possible you may need a new CAT, but new plugs and leads are a cheaper option to get your CO below the required reading.

As regards the 'boil over', Spyros is correct - but I'd ask a dealer to perform the same procedure while running the 'testbook' to check that your fan temp sensor is functioning correctly.

N837 OGF

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