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MG MGF Technical - Help needed possible new purchase

I am thinking about purchasing an mgtf 1.8 160 Sprint

I have a couple of concerns that I am hoping someone can help me with.

1) There is a distinct gap between the seals and the hood when the roof is up on the passenger side. Can this be adjusted to prevent leaking?

2) Upon starting the engine there is some blue smoke which comes from the drivers side exhaust.... what could this be the symptoms of?

If anyone else has any other pointers for me to look for please could they post them? Many thanks,


If adjustment related, then yes. If not, then anything needs replacement (Mirror cheeter, sals or similar)

Easy to check before you sign a contract.
Open the hood clamp an see for a wire spring wound around the long hexagon nut.
Pull to release the spring from the nut and turn at the nut.
Can't recall the direction in which to turn, but you will see easy in which to go for tighter final clamp force.

No wonder from principals, cause the other side is blocked at low revs with a vacuum controlled noise control valve.
However the _blue smoke_ is another question.

Consider to register FOC to this forum. There's about nine years experiance for new owners in the archives.

Dieter K.

Hmm - blue smoke is alarming, as that indicates damaged piston rings. White smoke often suggests oil burn, which can be due to problems with oil seals, particularly on the valve train. However, for such a recent car, I'd be suprised to discover these problems.

What kind of mileage has it done - and what history is there with it?
Rob Bell

Dont buy it
especially at the moment

I know I will have a few slating me for saying that

But thats just my opinion
s lammie

This thread was discussed between 24/04/2005 and 25/04/2005

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