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MG MGF Technical - Help on K&N filters

Have just stumbled across all the goodies on this BBS :-)
I see that K&N filters seem popular - Worth getting?

Anyone help with the what/where/why questions


Simple anwer is yes - the most cost effective performance upgrade for the F. Adds 8 HP for a 1.8 and 15 for a VVC. Car revs a lot more easily and picks up quicker froom low revs. Also adds a nice sporty note when accelarating without adding extra noise when cruising.

Brown and Gammon flog them and have a banner advert on one of the F boards.

Have browse in the archive for more detials.



Take a look at -->technical--> filters.

A good deal of BBS knowledge summarised there

IMO the filter is money very well spent. Fit it and enjoy.



PS Check with your insurance company- some are rather irksome when it comes to things like this. Still worth the hastle though.
Rob Bell

Just installed one, very pleased, great sound...very straightforward install (but get a few spare cable ties before you start) mine from: 57i Kits:

:who have the kit at about UKP75...I had to wait a little while but believe they have stock now.

Bernie ..forget the k+n, sure it sounds loud and a lot of people claim power increases. I have tried the k
+n and the pipercross which I thought were the dogs b****cks, but now I have the best, it is dearer but works oh boy does it work. contact Marvin Humphries at The unit gives the filter its own little cold climate . A fast drive around the tight roads near his garage and then a fast run north to scotland has converted me to the thought that noise + cost does not = power. experience+ cost = power and fun, however if you just want the noise i am sure someone can send you a tape of unsilenced induction sounds for your "f"........regards gerry


The suspense is killing me!

How about putting some meat on the bone and let us all know exactly what it is one gets and how much it costs. Plus how to fit it.

Ted Newman


Just looking at Mike Saturs site, can you tell me if the following is true.

"K&N foam filter and induction pipe £85.00"

I honestly thought the K&N I had was made from a kind of cotton material rather than foam.

Any ideas? Mike?




I think that Gerry will be describing the specially developed carbon fibre boxed ITG air filter system. I say system rather than air filter as it is far more than a simple filter, but airflow developed, including drawing cool air.

Roger Parker

Rodger is correct, it is a system and it works. I cannot give power output figures, my test is the old fashioned way. I test on the road for safe overtaking at two sections on the m74( one a very long climb up hill, the other near the border which is hilly and winding) and two great back roads near my home(one is the Dukes Pass in the direction from Aberfoyle to Callendar) The increase in power and mid range flexability is superb. I must say also that tech-speed have worked on the cars suspension at the same time turning my "F" into a real sports car, more of that later after some more testing this weekend. Price? well speak to the man.It works for me ......gerry

Gerry. Do you work for techspeed? Anyway, how much does is cost. The K&N has shown good improvement on dyno testing around 8 hp. I'd want to see more bhp on a dyno, for what sounds like an expensive piece of kit, before I bought one.

Good to see that more and more people are finding out about the wonders that Techspeed can work on the MGF.

My guess is that the system will produce more BHP than a K&N - at the end of the day its a very similar system - except that by enclosing the filter the engine will breath air that is a lot cooler.

As to price - dont expect much change out of £200, which includes the ITG foam filter and rather smart fibreglass filter housing and pipework.

My cars going to Techspeed for its 48,000 mile service on Thursday. Looks like its gonna come back with a new filter system :-)


Gerry, were you the chap from Scotand that was talking to Techspeed at Silverstone?


Paul...yes I was that sad old balding man, now I am that happy old balding man.
Nathan.. no I dont work for techspeed,I dont have the brains but I do own my own company and I will ALLWAYS give credit where it is due, and Marvin and his merry(happy I mean) men get all my praise. I have driven many vehicles in my time both on the road and track, my last race debut was 100cc uk kart racing for 3 years when I was 4* plus and bhp on a dyno to me means jack s**t. Techspeed took my car in and removed an other mg specalists " quick shift gear system" and fitted their own ( I did not now I had a second gear on the old system)They also replace my suspension system, in which they found faults that my local MG garage could not after many visits. Now my car drives the way a midmounted quality Brittish sports car should drive. Positive gearchange, surefooted road holding,confident overtaking and controlled braking. Not a mention of bhp. Quick safe driving is down to training,confidence in your well prepared vehicle and not in a bhp gain reported in an advert. Trained police drivers can gain many seconds on a fast run by good road positioning and being at the right part of the rev range for the gear. So my advice is 1. save your money 2. ask Rodger Parker for a job 3. give techspeed a ring...regards gerry

Hi all,

For those DIY érs out there take a look at Dieters homepage , under "Air filter box". Have been using this setup for spring and summer with very good results !
1. Much less dirt on filter.
2. Always outside temp. on air entering.
3. Slight overpressure into box due to duct at far end of airhose.

Only regret is slight dampening of induction noise.
All of the old airbox was taken away (with some force !). It´s possible to take old box downwards when wheel is off even if space is tight !

Regards , Carl.

Glad that you are so happy with the car Gerry!

It is no coincidence that a significant number of the higjly competitive MGF sprinters and racers have Techspeed fettled cars. They do a superb job. Having driven (albeit over short distances) a couple of these cars now, including Paul's (thanks! :o) I have to concur with what Gerry has said. Well worth the money if you can afford it. Porsche Boxsters do not drive any better.

I would go down this route (still may do), but I kind of enjoy the perverse pleasure of doing things myself and understanding why certain things work... Usually a tactic that leads to the loss of vital circlips and important gaskets being left out after reassembly... D'oh! ;o)

Back to the filter- heard all the good things every one else has about these ITG filter sets, and I am totally confident that they work as described. They do not give the extra power/oomph by petter air flow characteristics- there is only so much air an engine can draw in- and all the filters available will be more than up to the job. No, I suspect the prime difference is in the enclosed filter design with cold air intake, and good air flow management. This is a kit that appears to have been very thoroughly developed. In this respect is far superior to the 'cheap-n-cheerful' K&N 57i.

My guess is that peak power of the ITG is probably slighly less than the K&N 57i (because of the inlet tract length) but is probably superior is all other respects.

I'm going to make a DIY 'box- probably rather like Carl's... But that's just me! ;o)


Rob Bell

Also glad you're pleased with the results. Where is the air ducted from, ie does it involve modification to the exterior withn an air scoop, as this would put me off. Is there not a risk of water getting into the engine with a closed system? I want a new filter but am not convinced it is worth the extra expense/work. If I had some spare cash it sounds like a good system, so I might be interested in having one if you feel its worth the extra cash, altough still think it's difficult to be objective about modifications, and would prefer to see benefits on improved power curves.


The air is ducted from underneath the car - no body modifications are required.

As regards the problem of water ingress, this has been raised a number of times with the cold feed pipes on the K&N 57i kit and been discounted so I guess the same could be said for the ITG kit.



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