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MG MGF Technical - help on leather conversion requiredd


I needed a little success experiance and made nothing complicate like lowering tries and ball joint tries this weekend at my MGF.

So I changed all the black leather parts from the MGF wreck to my old 96 built one.
Both seats, leather hand brake lever, gearstick cover and the complete steering wheel.

It took about 4 hours but ran well, cause i got a lot of experiance on this after having already disassembled the parts from the wreck.

Now my question relate to the leather equiped door panels.
The left side one is no problem, but the right hand one got broken at the wreck and totally bended.
The leather of the door pod is OK.

I compared the fabric door panel with the leather one and found a complete different pod assembly.

The fabric looks as only pushed and adhered into the formed gap of the wooden panel.
The leather one has a kind of intermitted saw cut line along the gap line. The leather is pulled through this saw line and adjered to the wood.

My question now is.
Has somebody here experiance with
- how to remove the leather from the pod ?
(is it possible without hurts to the leather and what can be found under the leather surface. Any foam? Is id glued also to the wood ?

- how to remove the fabric from the old pod ?
same quests as above and additional at last:

How can the saw cuts be applied without killing the still in good condition remaining old door panel.
(only this picture is up there recently)

Questions only questions,
hope on some suggestions
(my first poem at this BBS) *g*

Thanks in advance

PS more pictures follow as ever on a webside next week.

Hi Dieter,

sorry, I can't help you : I have leather trim but never tried to remove the door pods...

I read you replaced the steering wheel : how easy is it ?
I intend to purchase a 2nd hand leather steering wheel, when I find one.
Did you replace all the assembly with the airbag ?
Does someone know if Rover 200's steering wheels are the same diameter (I know that their design is the same) and if the the steering wheel cover does come apart, in order to keep the MG logo instead of a Rover one ?


Hi Dieter

My Mike Satur conversion utilises new pods that are glued to the old panel, the leather does sometimes cause the pods to 'pop' off at one or other end and they have to be reglued.

It would appear that Rover had the same problem and they have achieved a solution with your 'saw cuts'.

Ted Newman

so the saw line solution exists already since 1997, cause the wreck is that age.
I decided to attach the leather in that original manner. The cut will be made with a slow running power jigsaw. Hope I don't scratch the doorpanels surface.

yes I changed to the leather steering wheel from, but kept the old airbag. I would not use the airbag in any way (no kidding).

Instead of looking for a second hand leather one, why don't you try to get the old one leather equipped at any leather workshop.
According to the simple steering wheel change, if required, see the webside at



Nice instructions Dieter !
(but with Netscape, it's black text over black background ...)

I already enquired to have the steering wheel covered with leather, but it would cost about the same as buying a leather steering wheel from Rover.



thanks for your hint on the failure with NS. I changed the background for the complete and produced obviously some incompatibilies with a CSS.
.. will be fixed ASAP

According to the leather conversion of the door panels:
I choosed the difficult way and made the saw lines at my old doorpanel.
Got a bit complicate but worket with a power jigsaw at lowest speed.
Now the leather is installed :))

PS those instructions follow black on white then :)

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