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MG MGF Technical - Help - TF160 Brake Problem

Driving to work this morning I noticed the brake pedal was starting to feel a little soft and traveling further than normal. Pumping the brake pedal brought the pedal pressure back up to the point where it was possible to cause the ABS to kick in with nothing more than normal braking.
It probably has little relevance but I first noticed the problem when braking/accelerating between speed humps.

When I got to work I popped the bonnet to check the brake fluid level - still at MAX. No visible signs of fluid leaks at the wheels. The servo does appear to be slightly damp as if there has been a small amount of oil dripped on it, most noticeably where the master cylinder fixes to/through the servo. But as I said there appears to be no loss of brake fluid, if a leak was present I wolud have thought there would have been a noticeable drop in fluid level and clearer signs of a leak?

Left the car outside work for 10 mins then drove home but the brake pedal now feels normal. Initially the wheels did seem to lock slightly under normal braking pressure (front left mainly - rears have never locked), but the roads are damp and bumpy so maybe just a coincidence?

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? Frustrating that the problem now seems to have gone though? =-(
Paul Lathwell

Sounds like you've got air in the system. When was the brake fluid last changed Paul?
Rob Bell

At the second service I think. I thought the brake fluid was replaced every 2 years is that right? Never needed to top it up or anything and all looks ok. Guess it should be replaced at the next service (March 2006) if I am correct in saying the fluid is replaced every two years?
Paul Lathwell

This thread was discussed on 15/12/2005

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