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MG MGF Technical - Help with brake discs

How easy is it to fit new front brake discs???..... any idea of cost??

Any help gratefully appreciated??

Neil, check out the DIY section of

The job is fairly straightforward. New discs are available from a variety of sources, including Halfords. Uprated discs are available from Mike Satur and Brown and Gammons. Price I don't recall off the top of my head, but not expensive.
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,

Lots of info , cheers. Just a few questions (not being ver technical minded)..... how do make sure you get the right tension on bolts???... is it dangerous if they are too tight etc etc???.... Is it easy to change oil, oil filters/air filters etc etc???



I fitted EBC Discs and Pads (green stuff) last year. It was a relatively easy job, with the one exception. The old discs had seized on, making them very difficult to remove.

The caliper has at a minimum 2 bolts that need removing, if you take out the 2 from the bottom of the caliper it should swing up and out of the way. I think 1 bolt was a 15mm and the other a 12mm, don't quote me on that though! Once the caliper is out of the way and the old pads have been taken out, remove the philips screws from the disc, the only thing holding the disc to the hub now is years of dirt. If you're lucky they will come of with a firm tug, if not (like me) they will need some amount of force, in my case I had to use a large hub puller (Halfords sell smallish ones). Another method could be to heat them up until they expand slightly then pull them off, although this has the risk of fire attached so I steered clear of that option!

Also you need to make sure that when you fit the new discs both the hub surface and disc surface are very clean and smooth (also apply a thin layer of copper grease between the surfaces), any dirt will mean that the disc will not run true and striaght, causing a juddering when you apply the brakes.

On to the subject of cost...
I think the going rate for discs is about 30 for standard discs and about 40 for EBC groved discs. Anyone else got a more accurate price, I can't remember how much I paid for mine last year!

Hope this helps.
John Samson


Buy yourself a 'torque wrench' they don't cost the earth and last for ever (almost).

Ted Newman

You beat me to it Ted! Neil, as Ted says, you need a Torque wrench. These can be purchased from Halfords for a modest outlay. On them you can set the torque setting you need; once the torque is reached the wrench will simply 'click' so you know when the tightness is reached.

A very very useful tool.

If you are anxious about the job (and we're talking brakes, so better safe than sorry), I think that some of the larger tyre fitters are able to replace discs for you for very modest cost. I haven't tried them myself- can anyone comment? Alternatively, pop round and chat to your local neighbourhood mechanic. If you supply the parts, he'll probably do the job for your for a pint or two of his favourite tipple!
Rob Bell

Cheers for the help guys...... What about oil filetrs/air filters etc ... easy to change etc????

John - is that 30 a disc or a pair???

>>Buy yourself a 'torque wrench' they don't cost the earth and last for ever (almost).<<

On the subject of Torque Wrenches; how accurate are the cheaper ones ? I remember the MG Tech saying he had his recalibrated: sounds a good idea to me.


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