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MG MGF Technical - Help with TF Misfire please.

I am having trouble with my '52 plate TF. The engine seems to tick over fine but when throttled up has a misfire.

It has been sat in the garage for a while (it has been started regularly, although not taken on a run).
The engine management light has been on for a while.
Rang the local garage who said take it for a run, it may be in need of it.
Went for a run and seemed to have a misfire then the EM light started to flash.

I have had a U381 scanner on the car and it came up with 4 faults:

1. P0170 Fuel trim malfunction (bank 1)
2. P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire detected.
3. P0313 Misfire detected - Low fuel level
4. P0313 Pending. Misfire detected - low fuel level.

Now to my amateur mind this seems to point to perhaps spark plug, HT lead or fuel filter problem, or O2 sensor (would the scanner not show up a sensor fault though?)

Any thoughts from you knowledgeable people would be great.
Thank You.
Colin Hobson

plugs and leads renew
darren jeffery

Thanks for reply.
Already sorted.
Colin Hobson

Spill the beans, what was it? :-)

we all want to know ... i had my plugs done last night ok but every so slight stutter in 2nd 3d
whats the views
darren jeffery

"Spill the beans, what was it? :-) "

Changed plugs, air filter and fuel filter.
Now runs better than ever.
Colin Hobson

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