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MG MGF Technical - Help with Tom Randle Bracket Please

Does anyone have any instructions for fittings toms bracket please - Im rather thick!


Steve M
Steve M

Fitted mine last weekend so lets see if I can remember.

1. Lie on the ground by the passenger's side rear air intake.

2. If you dropped the ends of the K&N tubes through the largest gap you could see from above the engine compartment, then they will be sticking out behind a big bar which appears to (and hopefully does) connect one side of the car to the other, along the bottom. I think the cognoscenti call this a 'crossmember'.

3. Say "bloody hell, this is uncomfortable".

4. Pass the hook bit of the bracket over the top of the cross member from the front and it should sort of fall into place.

5. O.k. take it off again and pass a long cable tie through the little hole in the bracket.

6. Put the bracket back in place and feed one end of the cable tie over the cross member. This is a bit fiddly.

7. Once over the cross member, pull it doen behind it and do up the cable tie nice and tight.

8. Feed the ends of the K&N tubes through the rectangular aperture (that's a good word) of the bracket - this can be a bit of a squeeze. Obviously you want the pipes pointing forward!

9. Punch holes in the tubing with a bradawl or similar spike and pass short cable ties through these to tie the two tubes together and to the bracket.

10. Look at it and say "Actually, that doesn't look as crap as I expected".

David Bainbridge


I assume you must have bought the bracket 2nd hand as all brackets I sell come with instructions.

But David's instructions are correct.

Tom Randell


I have mine still, give me a buzz.


What, even instruction number 10? ;-)

Seriously, though, the bracket makes two floppy tubes cable-tied onto the bottom of your car look just about as professional as it can. I.e. slightly.


David Bainbridge

Please note new email address
Tom Randell


Pop round to my place this week (after 6:00pm) and i'll fit it for you.

Alternatively, come along to the Essex meet on Thursday night and i'll fit it for you!

Scarlet Fever

LOL, you like fitting these then SF?

BTW, it is me being useless or is the bracket practically impossible to fit on a lowered 'F? I could only just do it from beneath the car when it was up on a ramp. Still looks cool though :) - Although I need to adjust the top end now, they seem to have moved from their orginial targetting and now ones pointing up and the other down!

Steve Childs

Fitting the bracket on a lowered F I must admit is harder than a std car due to lack of room under the car for 2 hands but is possible just takes longer.

Tom Randell

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