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MG MGF Technical - HELP- How do I remove a Wiper Motor

Whats the best way to remove the wiper motor ?. Do the ball and socket joints on the linkage come apart, if so how.

Hope you can help.

Would recommend to getting off the complety assy. Did so and sold it second hand to someone who had broken linkage joints.

Socket joints on the linkage don't look able/reliable to get on an off more than only once.


Dieter Koennecke

Hi Dieter,
I'v tryed to take the complete assembly off, but can't seem to get it passed the PAS pipes/reservoir.

Sorry could be the ABS pipes, and not the PAS.

I think you mean the clutch master cylinder and pipes. I had this prob on mine.
You have to remove the whole wiper unit to get the wiper motor out. I carefully removed the two bolts holding the clutch master cylinder to the bulkhead and allowed the clutch master cylinder to ease forward on its pipes. You can then just manage to get the whole unit out.
What's the problem anyway? Motor not working? Water inside? Managed to mend mine and filled in the aperture above the motor so the rain no longer falls on it.

Bruce Caldwell

Thanks Bruce,
I will try once more, this time removing the two bolts mentioned. Rain water had obviously got into the wiper motor, causing the motor to make strange noises. I had forgotten to put the plastic cover back on when bleeding the coolant system.
I did try to mend the motor, but with no joy.

This thread was discussed between 30/10/2001 and 05/11/2001

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