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MG MGF Technical - HELP! Old Electric Loom required

Sorry Folks: For some reason the main part of the message didn't upload. So................

I've been having problems with the fuel pump Connector on my 1996 1.8i MGF failing due to the pin carrying the power supply burning, and this is slowly getting worse. Disconnecting/reconnecting the connector solves the problem in the short term, but the frequency of it failing is getting worse. It's too not bad with just the soft-top, but with the hard-top, dark nights and rain it's a real pain. It just failed again!

The orginal connector was supplied by AMP, and whilst the local rep. has been very helpful and sent me most of the bits, he is having difficulty finding a stock of the actual connector pins, and lets face it, none of the bits are much use without the pins.

Rover's response is a 'new loom' ! Not much help there!

So, if anybody has an old loom, or the relevant part of, which they are willing to part with, please get in touch. You can see the actual connecter at...

It's on a short spur ( 1.5ft or 450mm approx) from the main loop.


Tony, have you tried contacting Midland MGF and MGFcentre?

Should be able to find what you are after @ good price.
Hanah Kim

Hi Tony,
sorry to hear about the persisting problem , I do fully agree with You that for the heavy current drawn by the fuel-pump those pins are too small ! Any intermittent contact failure here will burn BOTH the male and female contacts. So maybee a new loom with a contact will not cure the problem in the long run. If there are any marks /stains on the mating contact on the pump it will be an ongoing problem.
Maybee 2 thick cables soldered direct to the pump connections + crimp cable insulation will be better and then after 200-300 mm length contacted to the original loom ? In that junction You can have any suitable heavy current auto connector.
Just my 2 p...
BR , Carl.
Carl Blom


I have an old engine bay loom if it helps from a march 97 1.8i.

Where abouts are you based as I see you are hants aswell?

Tom Randell


I'm down on the coast but Fleet is not that far away and I can come up to collect. As long as the loom has the pump connector I'd be very grateful.
Can you e-mail me direct and we can make some arrangements?


I've tried both some time ago but will give them another shot if by some weird chance Tom's loom is no good.


Yes I tend to agree, though the 'male' pin in top of the actual pump looks relatively clean compared to the detachable connector 'female' socket. I've been thinking along the same lines but have held back simply because I hoped to replace the whole connector.

Thanks to all
Tony Thompson

Had a problem with a connector myself (throttle position sensor) and found a "new" connector from a Pug 306 in a scap yard.

Connectors are common across many cars.

Paul Nothard

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