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MG MGF Technical - Help:Water leak on passenger carpet!

Hi all,

Can someone give me a hand?

Over the last couple days, I have noticed a stream of liquid (looks like water) coming onto the passenger carpet from what appears to be the air condition unit (I think- underneath the glovebox). The carpet is drenched!

It has not been raining and I have been using the air con do I assume it is coming from the air con unit.

On Robs site, he mentions this symptom as possibly due to "water entering the cabin via a porous seal around the heater box air inlet through the front bulk head".

Does that sound to be the case with me? If so, I might have a go at fixing it as detailed on the site...


Ps: Does anyone in sydney know of a good place to get my mgf serviced/repaired/looked after? I have taken it to 'paradise garage' in roseberry, previously but although their service seems to be good they charge like a wounded bull!! Is there somewhere reliable but fairly priced??

If it hasn't rained and you haven't been washing it every day, I don't think the heater box seal is your problem. We don't have air con on our MGFs over here, so I don't know what it looks like, but could it be condensate water from the air con unit itself? This should have a drain path somewhere - maybe it's blocked.
Mike Howlett

OK, we do have AC on cars in UK. On the bottom of the condenser (the black box that the passenger kicks), there is a black rubber drain pipe that goes thru the floor pan. This tube has a lip seal to prevent the ingress of road spray. This seal gets blocked hence the condensate overflows into the footwell. This can be unblocked from underneath however the best plan is to remove the carpet and underlay to dry it out and clean the tube well.
Been there and done that.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing


Thanks for your help.

You may be right.

The liquid coming down is icy cold and there is alot of condensation on the plastic covering the ?heater box (which i thought was the air conditioning unit-maybe it is in my car?).

Has anyone else had this problem. Should I gain access to area as per Rob's site and have a scrummage around? Is is something i can fix?



PS: It is going to be 34 degrees today!

G. Farthing,


Just got your message.

When you say it can be blocked from 'underneath' you mean from in the cabin or underneath the car?

Do I have to remove the carpet to adequately fix the problem-I was hoping for the sun to do the job for me!

Thanks again


Problem solved!!

Just a quick thanks to all for your help.

I just returned from my couple days away and had a good look at the problem.

Upon having a good look from inside the cabin I found that a small length of rubber tubing that runs from the condenser had dislodged and come loose.

I simply had to re-connect it to the condenser and voila!

Let me tell you, it was an awful drive home in 34 degree heat without air conditioning!!!

Quite possibly this tube could have been dislodged by a passenger's foot.

I wonder if anyone else has had the same thing happen?



>>it was an awful drive home in 34 degree heat without air conditioning!!!

Ahh, diddums. Try driving home in 60mph winds and 50mm rain/hour.

I had exactly the same problem a couple of years ago. Mine was caused by a passenger squashing a soft bag in the foodwell which disloged the litle rubber tube. Luckily its easy to fix.
Spyros Papageorghiou

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