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MG MGF Technical - HELP Wierd MOT fail Headlight dipping wrong way!

My MGf failed its fourth MOT last week for.... O/S headlight dipping to right!
We think it has a continental light unit fitted.
I've just taken delivery of a replacement UK spec unit but can see no obvious difference between the two.
My questions are
What is the difference?
How do I identifiy if the replacement is genuine UK item?
Will fitting this new unit fix the problem?
Is their another cause of this
Thanking you in anticipation of your reply
Regards David
D Brunton

The difference is the glass lens. Mirror is the same as on RHD.

Johan Slagter

Seems strange that it failed this time after passing the previous three. Is it a case of you just getting the car and not knowing if the light's been changed? MGF's are known to have a headlight reflector problem which develops with age - could this be your problem? It's not unknown for them to fail their MOT with this fault. Plenty about this in the archives. Might be worth a look.

Central Scotland MGF at
David Clelland

Original Build light units may have the manufacturers label on the inner support arm. My 2000 lights have VALEO Made in Belgium XBC104020 and 030.
MGR bought to convert to Swiss LHD had this label replaced with the Rover Hologram however the part Numbers (on the box and paperwork) are XBC104040 and 050.
The inner lens glass can easily be seen to have the similar pattern but flipped left to right.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Thanks for your help.

MOT just issued after new headlight unit from MGOC fitted.

Johan's and Geoff's post agrees with other info I found that the difference is in the glass lens, however both I and my mechanic could not see any obvious difference between the right hooker and the left ? We can't see what Geoff sees.

Davids comments are appropriate as the nearside is much more fogged than the faulty unit, its fairly conclusive that a continental unit has been fitted some time in the cars history.

I witnessed the retest and the tester said that even without the beam tester the light pattern on the wall was plainly wrong. So if any of you have doubts about what you have fitted just piont the car at a wall and see what you get.

Thanks again and Regards David
D Brunton

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