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MG MGF Technical - HGF #2.... please say it ain't so !!!

Hi All,

Please tell me it ain't so!!!! Have been working my butt off for the past week and thought I would reward myself with washing the 'F and taking it for a top down ride this evening (summer here in Sydney).

Drove for about 10 minutes, pulled up at lights and saw the dreaded steam trail rising from the back of my car :-( Pulled it over and parked about 15 second later, tuned engine off and jumped out to take a look. One kind person offered to use their fire extinguisher!

Anyway, I didn't see anything on the gauges. All normal. Just heaps of steam out the back and fluid from underneath the car. It's a HGF right?

This will be number 2 in as many years. Not happy. I suspect the last HGF repair was done with the Rover gasket and hence the failure happened again.

It's being towed tonight to the garage. Any suggestions on what I should ask for in the process to try and limit the chances of number #3?


S Foster

When I saw a pool of liquid after my low water level alarm went off, I thought the same HGF but it was the water pump this time. Still an expense but not as bad.
Andrew W Regens

The Standard Rover Gasket would have been good enough and should not be blamed.

If the HG has gone again, check your liner heights and get a hardness test done on your head.

The temp gauge is dampened to the extreme and should not be relied upon.

It could be the water pump or a hose, the water pump is at the drivers side most hoses are at the opposite side. The typical leak point of the HG is above the water pump.

Good luck !
Jon Baker

It might just be a hose.

I'd recommend you get the low coolant level warning system fitted that Brown & Gammons do.

It's only about 80 and although it will not stop a HGF it will warn you if for any reason the coolant level goes low, early enough to stop hopefully without doing too much damage.

It's a nice feeling knowing buzzers and lights will flash in any low coolant situation and stops you worrying you'll miss the any feedback you might get from the unreliable temp gauge.


Stu Dickens

1st Radiator Fan Fuse.
2nd Expansion Tank Cap
3rd. Hose
4th Water Pump
5th HGF.
6th. A lot of good luck.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

>When I saw a pool of liquid ... I thought the same
>HGF but it was the water pump this time

Me to, but I got as far as stripping the head off before I realised (doh!) so now I have fitted a Landrover gasket, new tensioner, PRT and A NEW WATER PUMP (20)
Will Munns

Just got a call from the garage. They found a broken pipe and a suspected faulty thermostat. $780 (AUD) to fix. After they do this repair, they will then check to see if the head gasket has gone. Apparently there was no oil in the water - is this a good sign?

Anything else I should "suggest" they do?
S Foster

Hi Sonny

I agree with Stu install the low level alarm kit,
wont stop anything but will give you a warning unlike the temp gauge ??

MA Jenkins

A good sign - no oil in water- When was the cam belt tensior replaced and if more than 80000km ago get them to do it the same time. Also every body who sugested the Low Level Alarm Kit, as they say it won't stop anything but will prevent a much more expensive bill.
Andrew W Regens

A hose is normally secondary to something else causing a high pressure.
If non AC, then the fan fuse is 15A. Many increase this to 20A to overcome a possible sticky motor. AC already has this 20A.
The expansion tank cap can block/seize so should be replaced regularly.
Low coolant level due to a hose or water pump leak will cause overheating/boiling/over pressuisation, hence the B&G kit. How old was the car at the last HGF. I change any hose over 5 years old if it is disturbed.
Fingers crosed the HG is OK.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Well, I get the news in a few hours. I've got everything I can possibly cross - crossed.

Even if it's not a HGF, replacing the thermostat is still relatively expensive I've found out!
S Foster

Thermostat is neatly hidden away under the inlet manifold, so there is some disassembly involved to get to it... and hence cost.

Fingers crossed that this is it - and you caught it early enough (sounds as though you have!)
Rob Bell

All good news. Because i did catch it early enough and had the car turned off in less than 30 seconds after the steam started, there was no damage to the gasket. It was just a broken pipe and thermostat. Not cheap - but far cheaper than a HGF fix.

Aaaahhh, back in time for the weekend too.

Life is close to perfect again!
S Foster

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