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MG MGF Technical - HGF??

Hi All,

I think I may have a problem. My girlfriend took the ‘F’ off to Lincoln this morning (we live in Southampton), being the dutiful other half I checked all the essentials before she left (on the car! I know what you were thinking!). On checking the oil I noticed a small amount of milky substance on the dipstick and the coolant was very low.

Do you consider this to be the first signs of HGF? If so do I pre-empt the situation by having the HG changed? Has anybody got any idea how much this would cost? Unfortunately it’s a 1996 car so the likelihood of Rover covering any cost is probably non-existent.

Your replies would be gratefully received


N809 MGH
Matthew Wallis

oh oh...but I say nothing... :p

Yes of course you should have it checked, if it is a HGF then you might just catch it in time to avoid any other troubles, if it isnt an HGF then you are happy.

As to cost of replacement I have heard it said that it is about £500.00 done by the garage and about £10.00 if you do it yourself - and don't forget if you DIY or have it done change the cam belts whilst at it.

Ted Newman

I thought as much; thanks for that. I have just called my local MG dealer who are going to check the car over for me on Saturday (FOC, I was impressed), lets just hope it holds out till then. Still I can always call out the AA ;).

"oh oh...but I say nothing... :p" Not a word Dirk, don't you jinx it!! :)

N809 MGH
Matthew Wallis

Hi Matt,

Don´t worry too much, if Your car is a 1.8Mpi it could as well be the inlet mainfold seal. This is a well-known issue! Se archive or Dieters Tech-page for more info!

regards , Carl.

Thanks for that Carl, unfortunately it's a VVC :(

At least I should look on the bright side as yet I've had no frantic phone call from the side of the M3, M25 etc cursing me for selling the TVR in favour of a car that doesn't leek! ;)

N809 MGH
Matthew Wallis

Yup, it was HGF all right. I had my local MG dealer pressure test the system on Saturday and they confirmed my fears.

I am not getting them to do the work mind you, as they do not seem to be totally clear of what is required. They quoted parts at 50, whereas I have been reliably informed that a HG set costs more in the region of 100. They also failed to tell me I should have an oil change and a cambelt change done at the same time. As the car has now done 52k it is better I change the cambelt now rather than wait a few months until it needs doing on the service as this will end up costing even more money.

For those that are interested current estimate from my local mechanic is just short of 400 as opposed to between 600 and 700 from my MG dealer.

When complete I will post the final cost for those that may require a rough cost guide for future reference.

N809 MGH
Matthew Wallis

I will resist commenting this post :p

then I do .. a little :))

Matthew. The quote and material prices depends on ... If done under warranty or goodwill (means Rover pays) then this repair is very expensive qouted by a dealer.
Sometimes the change also the cambelt, waterpump and more.
See this sparepart site and the parts which could be found on the invoice of a german VVC owner one year ago.

Sorry for the german descr. you can try the translation button on the site:
(head gasket materials start at about 'Motorteile' until row 'Fahrgestell'
Wasserpumpe GWP33 DM 185 'head gasket mat. thanks BANXX '
Riemen, Steuerung GTB2018XS DM 85
Riemensch., Spann. PQR10028 DM 55
Spanner, Steuerriemen LHP10015 DM 60
Dichtung, Nockenwelle (VVC) GUG705047VC DM 35
Dichtung, Einlass GUG704064MG DM 8
Dichtung, Auspuff GUG704430MG DM 14
Dichtung, Einlass GUG704816MG DM 7
Zylinderkopf Dichtung (head gasket) GUG702576HG DM 82
Mutter, FQA (10 Stück) FX110041 DM 20
Kit, Dichtung GUG705932GM DM 73
Dichtung, Oel (4 Stück) LUC10012 DM 73
Kit, Steuerungsriemen GTB9003XS DM 110
Sorry can't recall wether the Deutschmarks include our 16 percent VAT, but guess not.

All that more or less useless changed parts need to be enhanced also with the required works costs.

I hope a talk to your workshop guy will help to decide on what to change and what not to change.


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