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MG MGF Technical - HGF every 5 years?

Haven't been on for a long time (hi to all the regulars) - but thought I'd report another HGF. Jackie was halfway to work the other morning when suddenly noticed the temp gauge skyhigh, and a glance in the mirror confirmed steam out the back. RAC man did basic diagnostics, couldn't find an external leak, so we had it recovered to MG-friendly garage. Cause found to be a problem with a rad fan not cutting in (Q - are there two, or is it a 2-speed fan?). Head was warped so skimmed 4 thou, and 9 valves failed a leakdown test so all were lapped in. While apart we had new water pump, cambelt, aux belt, plugs, leads, underbody pipes, rad cap. Also a second-hand fan fitted as new ones not immediately available. Goes like a new car again. Total bill was just over a grand, not unreasonable given it has cost us zero except for brakes, tyres and an annual oil change since the last HGF 5 years ago.
Huge praise for the garage - SUMMIT MOTORS in Maidenhead. The proprietor's son won the MGOC championship in an F so they know their stuff!
David Smith

forgot to say IIRC it's 10 years old this month.
David Smith

Hi David,

200 per year is all you've needed to cover unforeseen expenses on a 10 year old sports car? I'd say that's very acceptable...
Mike Hankin

You can't really say that a failed rad fan is HGF, even if that was a consequence of the breakdown (but I guess you know that)

The F has one engine bay fan and one 'engine ecu controlled radiator' fan, if you have AC then there is another fan which runs with the AC (operating on the same radiator, this is not controlled by the engine ECU AFAIK). The fans either run or dont run.

You (as should everybody with an F) should replace the fuse (15Amp) with a 20 Amp version.

Will Munns

The car was probably sulking because you did not take her to the 10th Birthday party at Gaydon.

Hope all is well with you and Jackie.


PA Beet

Will - yes the failed fan caused HGF as not noticed in time. I'm convinced a bl00dy great warning light when the temp hits 96 degrees would save a lot of HGFs. And yes ours being a Jap re-import does have aircon so a second fan at the front, hence the slightly garbled diagnosis I received third-hand. Even in the small places you don't often talk to the actual mechanic.
Patrick - very well thanks, trust you and Ann ditto. I just have no spare time since taking up racing the midget seriously.
David Smith

Sorry to hear about the HGF David. Good to hear that the car is back together so quickly though.

How is the racing going? I thought that we'd not heard from you for a good long while....
Rob Bell

Ouch, doesn't sound that good David.
On the other hand, 1 every 5 years isn't that bad (now running 1 every 40kkm) ;o)

Anyway, it(s good to hear that the car is back on the road.

Did you have the fuse uprated (Dieter-method) ?

Hi David,

beside of the _vital_ fuse upgrade.

Immidiately concider to getting in the new coolant tank with level sensor. Either from MGR stocks or complete kit from B&G.
Had my ride to MGF10 with just the parts installed to a buzzer and direct linked together without delay ECU.
OK, this is not professional ;) But the *beap-beap* in some sharp bends didn't realy worry.
A ten minutes job to swap in the new tank without coolant loss and without bleeding the coolant system... plus some wire works.

Regards to Jackie aswell !

PS. now 105.000km .. counting ;)


I have been lucky to avoid HGF ,radiator leak loosising water quickly,

If it happened I would give VTEC option consideration.

Think about it . . . . . probably the engine the design team had in mind when they started out?

comments ?
D Brunton

>> If it happened I would give VTEC option consideration <<

While your at it you could consider the several thousands it would cost to convert your car to take the VTEC!..... and thats WITHOUT the cost of the engine itself!!!...

Don't ask about the racing, Rob ;-)
John Thomas

Rob, I've lost your email addy - can you send one pls?
David Smith

If it happened I would give VTEC option consideration.

Think about it . . . . . probably the engine the design team had in mind when they started out?

comments ?
I may be wrong but I would imagine the Honda engine design came after the Rover K series.The VVC engine being a more sophisticated design although producing less power is capable of being upgraded to out perform the Honda unit and match it for reliability, it is a matter of costs only. VVC engines have been modified to produce up to 250BHP, 220 is easily achievable from the existing design. The advantage of the Honda unit is that it is available off the shelf at 197 BHP and it comes with a 6 speed cr box, however it is heavier so a 200bhp Rover K will out perform it in identical cars..


David - robert dot m dot bell at kcl dot ac dot uk :o)
Rob Bell

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