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MG MGF Technical - hgf help

hi guys gone to look at a 97 mgf today. took the expansion tank cap off to check etc.the water looked very dark and looked like oil droplets in it. The owner then showed me a recept showed the hg was replaced 3 months ago and it was because the system had not been flushed properly.
any way i walked away It was a shame as the rest of
the car looked good.
am i right thinking the hg it was failing again
thanks tony

IMO yes, the risk of a another going gasket is increased if oildrops are in the system.
They get hotter then the water and blast off steam eruptions in worst case.
Steam eruptions mean pressure peaks, resulting in a blown gasket.

Go away from buying, if the coolant system doesn't get flushed and refilled again by the owner.

Just my few bits.

Dieter K.

I think you're right to walk away - because the presence of oil in the coolant is not the best sign that the car has been looked after lovingly.

But a previous HGF doesn't mean that there is a good chance of it happening again: afterall, it the HG has been replaced properly, and the dowels locating the head upgraded to the latest metal spec, then the chances of a repeat performance is lower.

As you say - a shame. Keep looking - plenty of others available! :o)
Rob Bell

oil in the water shows the previous owner did not get a good HG change - this should have been flushed out . Yes walk away - unless you can get a 1000 discount and can live with redoing the work (and the hastle).

The oil will not conduct heat properly into the water system and may damage the rubber in the cooling system leading to later failure of the water pump gaskets and pipes.

Pity - but keep on your toes - there are good ones out there!
Will Munns

as above ,if not sure walk away. you know when you have seen a good un ,then double check with a rac inspection.i did and they picked up on small faults ,which will give u some leway on patient ,theres always more . good luck........
m e johnson

just another thougt ,but when i boughtv my mgf that had a recent hgf ,5 months or so previous ,but noticed 2 weeks after fitment on the service history that it had a oil change again and a compresion test. presume the first oil is picking up some rubbish from the hgf so needed changeing two weeks later ,could it be the same here but no second oil change......i,m no expert just read service histoy. i will say again if it didn,t feel right you did right to walk away. trust your instinct..
m e johnson

sorry ,checked about coolent and that was changed when gasket was done. was this why no oil in my water,.....would think so....hth...mel...
m e johnson

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