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MG MGF Technical - HGF? It's all your own fault!

According to Steve Tyler at

Apparently you guys haven't been maintaing your cars properly. Just thought you should know.
Michael Watkins

A lot of MGF's are indeed neglected, just look around at the ones for sale and see the number of really bad examples. Myself ! , i looked at dozens before i found a good one .
R J Hemphill

>>Apparently you guys haven't been maintaing your cars properly. Just thought you should know. <<

....and I'm willing to bet that some of those 'you guys' actually now know who they are... owning up to it being a whole different kettle of ball games.... lol... hindsight can be 100% accurate!

Not just MGFs ....any cars - you name it - search the web - you'll find it!!!

Check out :

Chris L, writing on Alfa reliability and company car type mentality included the following observation which has some validity no matter whatever your choice of car:

"no bugger looks under the bonnet anymore..."

An astute observation don't you think?

This particular Scoobynet 'Alfa' thread could be a real eyeopener to some readers...

John McFeely

I stand by my comment, I am aware that the K series is vulnerable in the F but from working with Rovers since the late 80s I feel I know their problems very well. The reasons of vulnerability in an MGF is obviously well known by most of their owners e.g cooling leaks causing hot spots in the system etc but the K series in 200/400 etc are reliable if servicing is kept up. Early K's (90-92) have been dubious but Headgaskets that have failed have been replaced by a modified product as have the inlet manifold gaskets.
I don't mean to offend anyone by writing my thoughts on this forum but from the many vehicles I see every day the previously neglected cars always seem to play up. I personally own an MGF and if it was likely to have serious engine problems would I want to own one? I may work on cars every day of the week but that doesn't mean that I want to work at the weekends on my own car with serous problems. It's done 75000 miles without HGF, my other halfs 216 has covered 80,000 mile - no HGF.
Steve Tyler

Its like football team rivalry!

Each to their own as far as I'm concerned.
I chose the 'F and I have been more happy with a car in my life.

Secondly though, you look at other sites like this.
These forums are designed so that people can air their problems and give and take advice for free.
Thus, just being here will give you the impression that these cars have a lot of problems.
Neil H

if the K 1.8 is as reliable as any other engine (concerning HGF), how come since last year the cooling system has been completely changed on ALL new cars (from Freelander to mgtf)?
In modern cars you certainly have a reliability issue about HGF when some 5% of the overall engines suffers from it (so no point in showing there are cars with no problems).
Servicing is important, but as service intervals tend to be longer on newer cars, you can't expect an average owner to check the coolant every month!
Certainly the K 1.8 is a reliable engine if looked from the '70s standards. In today standards it has proven to be unreliable. Period.

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