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MG MGF Technical - HGF Possible

Hi all,
Just waiting to get petrol the other day and thought I would check on my oil level. Upon doing this I found that I have the dreaded mayanoise at the very bottom of the dipstick. Not sure if this is the start of an HGF or just the damp weather I have a K'N induction kit. Car is behaving as normal with no significant loss in coolant. Does anyone have any ideas.
MGF VVC R464 USP 18,000Miles!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny Taylor


only a try to get more data for the speciallists.
Did you have only short distances in this current cold conditions before you checked the oil ?

The K&N has no relation IMO to the water ingress into the oil, but may be the driving style (long distances or often quite short distances)
Please add data.


Dieter Koennecke

I drive fairly short distances say 8 Miles to my work etc. The day before I checked it I went for a run in the coutryside poss 100 miles!!. That was on the saturday. I checked it on the Sunday doing possible 5 miles. Does this help??
Kenney Taylor

Of course, each more report will help to analyse and to give any instruction.

Sounds not so good for me, which needs not mean anything.
IMO 8 miles are enough time to heat the engine up and prevent from appearing water damp.
Also the 100 miles run should have been enough time to 'dry' contaminated oil so far.

Anyway IMO a enough stuff for a long long expertise from Roger or Carl or Ted or another engine speciallist with some good eperience.

Wait with patience and keep in good mood. May be its no failure or only any easy to repair leakage or may be nothing.

Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed on 06/11/2000

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