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Hi All,
I recently had to sell my beloved 'F' when my wifes Rover 216 Convertible suffered HGF on the way to show someone who was going to buy that.
In order to save pennies, I tried to do as much of it as I could, and thought that some of you might be interested in the cost breakdown. I know it's not an 'F', but it is a K series engine (1.6), so all the ancilliary bits are the same or similar.
So here goes:

Head - Strip, Skim, Pressure test, Lap vales and linnish followers: 165.00
Head Gasket set - 65.00 (Rover - 74.00+vat)
Head Bolt Set - 50.00 (Rover - 83.00)
Cam Belt - 30.00
Water Pump - 36.99
air filter - 20.00 (K&N 57i - 62.50)
Oil Filter - 4.99
Plugs - 10.99
Oil - 14.99
Coolant - 8.99


And before you anyone says my maths are wrong by 42.50 - I didn't say I didn't have ANYTHING listed in brackets did I?!
It's made a massive difference - I had to get a smile from somewhere - even if it doesn't quite stretch to a grin yet! I got 2 new Toyo Proxes TS1's too, and they're fab.

I have to say an absolutely MASSIVE Thank you to Dave Andrews for not only sorting the head out for me, but also letting me finish off the valves and Cam followers in his workshop. The first cost in the list includes an extra hour of his time that it would have taken him to do it, if I had had my head screwed on right in the first place. He also provided, the Head Gasket set (which includes MS competition Gasket and steel dowels), the Head Bolt set and the Cam Belt
Another HUGE thank you goes to the lovely Mrs. Andrews for not only putting up wit a rank amatuer in her husbands workshop, but for providing Lunch too.

Anyway, 450 on a Rover DIY HGF. It kind of put things in perspective about how much an MGF one costs to put right - Assuming they change all the same bits.
The Gasket set included, Inlet manifold, exhaust, Rocker and Head.

It took a long while to get it all sorted and I had help from a friend who is a Mechanic, with the Cam Belt and water pump.


Kieren Gibson

So my guess is the K&N produced the extra 42.50.

All I can say is well done and hats off to you for doing that job yourself. A bit daunting for me! Sorry to hear you had to sell your F. Don't be a stranger here.


Bruce Caldwell

The extra 42.50 on the K&N was my treat Bruce. I'm amazed at what a difference it's made to a 1600cc engine, but it sounds superb - and it's only a single pipe.
It was a bit daunting, but I did get some help, and I am lucky enough to have wireless network cards and a laptop. I had the laptop in the garage with me, which was a great help.
Now I've done it, it doesn't seem that daunting. The only bits I would still not attempt are the setting of the timing belt and the skim and pressure test (for obvious reasons.
I won't be a stranger. I'm still looking forward to a Luton or Ireland meet, and hopefully I'll have an 'F' again soon.


Kieren Gibson

>The only bits I would still not attempt are the setting of the timing belt

Whyever not?
assuming it's like my 400 (1.6k 97) engine :
The crank should not have been rotated with the head off, the cams are locked in place, all you have to do is losen a 8mm hex bolt, loosen a 8mm bolt, apply slight pressure to tentioner slip belt on, release tentioner, do up bolts, turn engine over twice, undo bolts, note no movement, do up bolts job done!.

Note that Rover probebly wouldn't have changed the bolts, or the water pump, or the plugs or the airfilter. when you remove these 'service items' from the list it gets much cheaper.
Will Munns

Of course you're right Will. It's just it was a tad daunting having to raise and lower the engine in order to get the timing belt done.
I guess if i had someone checking what I was doing 1 more time, I'd be ok on my own after that.
Drove the car as far as Miltol Keynes today. It's unbelievable. I'm more convinced than ever now, that it wasn't right when we bought it. It's just too different.


Kieren Gibson

Yep, I suppose that the ease of changing the cam belt was enhanced by the fact the engine was on the floor!
I have yet to run the engine as I am having great problems with the exaust manifold.
Will Munns

on which car Will - The midget?


Kieren Gibson

Well, half the midget, should have been finished two weeks ago but ...
Will Munns

Sounds EXACTLY like my


Kieren Gibson

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