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MG MGF Technical - High brake pedal

I know you have all probably discussed this before but I'm new to this.

I find the brake pedal to be far too high, even to the point that my knee often hits the steering wheel if I have brake suddenly. Mike Satur advertises a kit which lowers the pedal - does anyone have any experience of this kit and is it easy to fit yourself?

Neil Stothert

the mike satur conversion kit is the best 25 you will spend. It shortens the rod behind the pedal by about 5mm which lowers it about 20mm and makes a whole lot of difference to braking smoothly as you do not have to life your foot from one pedal to the other you just flick it over. It is relatively easy to fit although if you do have to lie upside down to fit it.

Go buy it from MS. It does what it says it does and does it well.

Paul Nothard

Is there such a thing as 'thirded'?

It does exactly what it says on the tin... ;o)
Rob Bell

Is there something like that for the gaspedal too ?

I have a left-hand-drive car and my right knee is to close to the steeringwheel, when i make a right turn sometimes my hand hits my knee.
Geert Maes

Well that's the next project sorted.

I think my wife is getting used to the fact that owning an F takes over your life. And that Mike Satur appears frequently on the credit card bill.

Thanks for the advice.

Neil Stothert

Unfortunately, I don't think there is Geert :o(

Rob Bell

>>>And that Mike Satur appears frequently on the credit card bill.

As long as you don't start taking him out to dinner, your marriage should stay intact.
David Bainbridge

This thread was discussed between 27/06/2001 and 02/07/2001

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