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MG MGF Technical - High engine idle RPM after running at high revs

Does somebody has a clue ???

My MGF 1.8 VVC ( 13500 kms / 1997) some times unexpectedly ( for example, after driving in the highway when stopping to pay the toll fee ) when the motor goes to idle spped the RPM suddenly, at minimum pressure in the gas pedal, climbs to 3000-4000 RPM and the only way to return it to normal idle RPM is to switch off the engine to stop it ,and wait for a while with the motor stopped. Does somebody has a clue how to solve this problem .
Im "afraid" of MG-ROVER dealer in my neighborhood because all the occasions I had to send the car to them ( just small fixes ), it was always returned to me worst then it was when I delivered it to them.

Many Thanks

Manuel Magalhaes

P.S. The problem is occuring now more frequently.
Manuel Magalhaes

I have owned two MGFs and now an Elise (same engine and throttle body). Worked on the pedal slack recently and suffered from a persistent high idle (not sure if this matches your problem). Solved very easily by allowing a couple of millimetres of slack into the throttle cable at the engine end. This is right in front of you as you look at the engine from the rear of the car. Two nuts on a grey metal threaded runner with a metal bracket between the nuts. Let out a couple of mm by moving the nuts to the right by a couple of mm and retightening. This might do the trick - has done for me. May need a little reajustment and a little more slack - mine took a couple of minor increases until things settled.

Worth trying - costs nothing and easily returned if it doesn't. good luck.


Manuel, check to see whether the throttle is sticking. If it is, ensure that everything is well lubricated, and if that doesn't help, suspect the throttle body itself- some become warped, leading to this problem of sticking throttles.


Rob Bell

Following on from what Rob said...

Has anyone "replaced" the clip (10cm or so diameter) where the air feed goes into the inlet manifold with a "Jubilee" clip? If so they could have overtightened it!

This will cause the butterfly, which is quite close to the end of the inlet to stick....

You can see this clearly through the grill in the boot - its the big rubber tubing in front of the bulkhead...

(May also have been overtightened if an "aftermarket" air filter has been fitted - e.g. K&N or Pipercross...)

I've not looked at how it is connected, but it could be a problem with the "throttle sensor" potentiometer, which is located in the same area (connected to the butterfly...)


I can't understand how people overtighten the clip when fitting a K&N. It says something like "tighten the clip so you can just about turn the pipe then give the screw half a turn" if I remember correctly.

Always a problem dealing with these long pipes and cables.

This goddamn natural keybourd is making me type as if I were the police man in Ello Ello :-(
Tony Smith

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