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MG MGF Technical - high performance cams of MG TF 135

Over to the technical subject.
Job: update of the online EPC with _correct_ data.
Question: What's the correct part number(s) of the mgtf cam shafts ?
Posted 01 August 2005 at 10:31:28 UK time
Rob Bell, North London
Dieter, perhaps we should move the specifics regarding the EPC to the technical forum?

Regarding the cam shafts:

LGC10204 I think refers to the standard 1.8MPi camshaft used on the MGF up until 2001.

I *think* that LGC105990 relates to the "high performance" cam shaft used in the TF135.

Not sure what LGC107550 relates to - possibly the post 2001 ECU3 camshaft?

I think that expressing the change over date in relation to the EU2 to EU3 change over would be very helpful, and possibly clearer than quoting the engine number (although having that information would be useful too - perhaps have this information on a separate, linked page?)

Posted 01 August 2005 at 10:32:30 UK time
Rob Bell, North London
Hmm - looks as though I got that wrong - LGC107550 is probably the TF135 cam shaft...?

Posted 01 August 2005 at 23:37:38 UK time
Dieter, Hersfeld, Hesse,
Or it's not listed (there) ? :(

LGC107550 seams to exist already since late 1998. Wherin, I could be totally wrong with looking up engine number/make years.

Posted 02 August 2005 at 00:34:27 UK time
Dieter, Hersfeld, Hesse,
Yeaks, got it .. I think. Or to escalate the confusion ;)

Know from MGZT Turbo and the number is (probably?) ...
LGC107550 Superceeded by LGC106960 Camshaft assembly-engine 01
LGC107550 NJJ10001 Bush-drive spindle distributor 01
LGC107550 PA112150 Pin-roll 01

Can't get what the number includes one of ? two of ?

But what's ..
LGC000280 Camshaft assembly-engine exhaust - inlet and exhaust (1) for 69,11 ??????

Posted 02 August 2005 at 11:02:08 UK time
Rob Bell, North London
Oh &^%@!

Are we ever going to get to the bottom of this I wonder???

Anyone with _light_ to the mystery ??

The number stampted on the cams is LGC003000. The inlet and exhaust are identical.
Steve Ratledge

LGC100300 is the number stamped on the cams in my TF135 head Dieter.

Doesn't resolve the confusion over the 'assembly' number though. In fact, IIRC, this part number (LGC100300) is not even listed in the EPC...

Actually, there's a thought for the OL-EPC, can you put in a search engine for part numbers? :o)
Rob Bell

Find me confuse.
_the_ search engine on site finds everything.
Either partnumbers, fractions of partnumbers (add a * ) or text should work.
But it can find only included parts ;)

Hmm, do I need to make with red coloured background ?

ROFL Okay Dieter, didn't think of your search engine which is already a feature of your site!
Rob Bell

>_my?_EPC search index contains 360 documents<

This will decrease step by step, cause the quantity of folders doesn't meet owners requirements.
I.e. Some include one or two parts only.

>A total number of 71563 words were found and indexed<

Will increase for sure within the next couple of .... errrmm, ... years

You're doing a great job Dieter - keep it up.

As Steve Covey said - "Seek first to understand"...
Steve Ratledge

Hi Dieter!
I may help you on this one...
since 1998/9 the standard camshafts have a different reluctor ring (helicoidal) for phase sensor, between cyl 2 and 3.
The actual sensor is used only on EU3 engines, but cam specs were changed way before that.

EU3 camshafts do not need the distributor spindle, so the cam assembly should change again, while the camsaft stays the same


That makes a lot of sense, thanks Carlo.

So now we need to hunt down the TF135 cam assembly part number - if it actually exists within EPC?
Rob Bell

No. 1 on my guess list
135PS camshaft /inlet and exhaust 69 quid +VAT

But I'd not bet my hat on this :)

No. 2 in guesses is
LGC106000 high performance cams
superceeded by LGC106010
(130 quid +VAT)

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