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MG MGF Technical - Hit a hedge!

Pitch black straightish countryside road however unknown... came over a hill at about 50ish straight onto a T-Junction...(No signs) road damp... hit brakes and tried to turn... there was no way to stop on time... skid... over small kerb and side on into hedge...:(

She had to be pulled out the hedge with a power winch however will still drive with only light frontal damage however on closer inspection will need the following:

1. O/S Wing
2. O/S Front Liner
3. Bonnet respray
4. Complete Front bumper/Spoiler
5. New Clear indicator
6. 1 Alloy (Original VVC 15" 5 spoke)
7. Plus suspension, steering, brakes and geometry check

Any ideas about who could do the work in the bucks area?

Cheers RichieR
Richard Russell

Quite a lot depends on what lies under that superficial damage Richard. If nothing, and you are able to source second hand parts (if that's your intention), then you could be looking at a 1000 quid bill, give or take.

As an insurance job perhaps 2 or 3 times that much.

But I'd definitely get an expert opinion regarding the damage. First ports of call for me would be the MGF Centre or Mike Satur. Midlands MGF also undertake accident repair work.

Really sorry to hear about the accident, and I hope your pride and joy is repaired soon!
Rob Bell

Richie, sorry to hear you ran out of road*-{ happens to the best of us.
Why not give B&G a call they are near you 8-0 If not I can get it picked up for you;-)

Every cloud has a silver lining..

TF bumpers etc.. are the same price as F..

Neil H

I was thinking hard about the TF bumpers however I don't know, I somehow just like the original look and the headlamps are fine!

I have however sourced all the bits needed, I think I could use the original lining as it is undamaged. Anyway I have a question...

The plastic front bumper/spoiler how easy is it to respray from one colour to another...?

Cheers RichieR
Richard Russell

This post is not technical in nature, but....

If there were no road signs visible at the T intersection, it looks like the council is being negligent in there duties.

Have you concidered getting them to compensate you for your damage?

only a thought.


It could be worth a try - I'll look into that... I have managed to source all the bits... how easy is it to say change a BRG front bumper to red?
Richard Russell

paint it, my boy, paint it, no bother what so ever.
Mike (Mersea)

If.... no, when you get stone chips the BRG will show through, try and get a red one if you can ;-) sorry to hear about your accident mate hope your alright!?
Nick Lewis

i would say buy every thing on ebay and do it yourself. i know someone who brought a bumper off ebay sanded it down and brought a proper colour match paint and was done in 2 days and only for 30 bargin and looks pritty mint!!! Never have the expensive if you know how!!!!

nothing to lose
sarah blunt

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