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MG MGF Technical - Holiday Headlight Adjustment

Taking the TF to the Continent for the first time in a couple of weeks. Can anyone advise what headlight adjustment is required and whether this is a dealer job or DIY.

Thanks in advance


DIY, Read the TFing manual.
Will Munns


Excuse Will, he sometimes has bad days! The TF has an adjuster built into each heahlamp. You need to remove the black rubber cap and move it with a small screwdriver. My handbook shows it very clearly. If you wern't so far away, I'd hold it up to the screen for you to read.

Some details here too:

Probably a little fiddly - but easy enough once you know where the beam adjuster lever is located :o)
Rob Bell

Many thanks for the swift replies. I'm afraid I didn't have the patience to wait until I get back in the car to check the manual:)

All the best

>I'm afraid I didn't have the patience to wait until I get back in the car to check the manual:)

You're going to find it awfully hard to change the lights from where you are!
Will Munns

...unless you're planning to do loads of night time driving, I wouldn't bother!
I've been driving regularly to and from various European countries, both for business and pleasure, for over 20 years, and have not had a problem...although I'm prepared to concede that oncoming drivers may have! :-)
Blue Max

We are here, no need to bother!

>We are here, no need to bother!

... and it's almost a daytime ride :)
Dieter K.

Not the comment that Jamie wanted to hear ! "bad taste"
R J Hemphill

Which comment Robert

Jamie appears to have taken them all in the way they were meant - light heartedly.

Can the headlights be adjusted on a "F"
I dont have a manual and my headlights seems to point to the ground to much.
Any help will be appreciated

Paul R
P. Russell

Yes the headlight can be adjusted - not in this thread though - to do 'continental adjustment' you need to use black tape!

To do 'normal' adjustment you will find two adjusters on the back of the lights, they can be operated with an allen key or a crosshead screwdriver, I don't remember which does what - but you would be advised to park and chalk out where the current beams land on a wall or to ask the MOT man do do the job for you (or else you'll just fail your next MOT and piss off all other drivers)
Will Munns
Will Munns

thanks for the advice Will,
lucky for me no MOT's in Australia !!!!!
P. Russell

Well, well, it never crossed my mind that my TF might have such clever lights or that I'd find useful info on continental driving in the handbook.

When in Brittany recently I we took the Blue Max approach - but then we never needed to drive at night.

I learn something new every day.

Thanks for the excelent page of info Rob.

John Thomas

No problem JT - hope you had a great holiday! :o)
Rob Bell

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